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Case studies

Case study: USD89.6 million sustainability-linked loan for LNG dual-fuelled vessels

Facilitating Vista Shipping’s decarbonisation journey.

Case Study: Financing the redevelopment of Melbourne’s Frankston hospital

Using a sustainable loan framework to finance and hedge the PPP project.

Case Study: Refinancing BlackRock’s diversified solar portfolio in the Taiwan market

Learn how we helped with the first green loan arranged by BlackRock Real Assets in Asia Pacific.

Case study: EUR1.24 billion ECA-backed financing to develop high-speed railway infrastructure in Turkey (Türkiye)

Learn how we helped Türkiye’s Ministry of Treasury and Finance with its first green ECA supported financing for economic growth.

Case study: Investing in supranational bonds in local EM currencies

In the wake of Covid-19, supranationals such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have stepped up their lending and support in developing member countries and this is made possible by bond issuance, including that denominated in Emerging Market currencies. Investors in these bonds can play a critical role in steering capital to where it is urgently needed.

Case study: Project financing for Vietnam’s largest solar plant through USD186 million ADB loan structure

Find out how Standard Chartered financed the country’s largest renewable energy project by offering debt structuring expertise and long-term interest rate hedging.

Case study: USD 1.1bn financing project to develop and improve water infrastructure in Angola

Learn how we helped Angola’s Ministry of Finance fund a transformational development project that brought together multiple stakeholders.

Case study: Sustainability-linked loan to CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited

Find out how CSSC Shipping and Standard Chartered worked together on a 10 year-sustainability-linked loan that will specifically support CSSC’s decarbonisation efforts, as well as its strategic goals around sustainability.

Case study: ESG-linked derivative for commodity trader, Trafigura

Find out how Standard Chartered executed an ESG-linked derivative that brings together conventional risk management with sustainable linked KPIs across the supply chain.

EUR 159 million ECA-backed financing to improve critical healthcare infrastructure in Côte d’Ivoire

Standard Chartered has provided EUR 159 million financing to the government of Côte d'Ivoire for the refurbishment of maternity wards in 62 hospitals across the country.

Credit markets

Detour, derailment or driver? How geopolitical shocks change the path to net-zero

The industry’s move towards net-zero has been complicated by a succession of destabilising world events. But will they detour, derail or accelerate the energy transition?

Financing Africa into a new era: the future is green

Learn how the transition to a lower carbon future is opening up unique opportunities for issuers and investors in Africa.

Finding investment opportunities in Europe’s commercial real estate

Find out why interest is growing in investing in new areas of commercial real estate in Europe.

De-carbonising the shipping industry: Who pays and how?

How much is the industry expected to pay for the transition to low-carbon shipping?

Navigating supply chains to new shores

Find out how the right funding and partnerships can increase supply chain resilience, especially in emerging markets.

Financing a giga-green future

To accelerate decarbonisation, the development of giga green technology must also pick up pace.

Driving economic diversification in the GCC with sustainable infrastructure and a digital future

Learn more about the key diversification strategies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economies that are positioning them for a resilient and sustainable future.

Beyond the watershed: three trends bracing global credit markets

Against the dramatic backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the gloomy prospect of stagflation, credit markets keep delivering growth and prosperity.

Underwriting decarbonisation: Financing key to steer shipping towards a green future

Learn the different ways in which financing can enable shipping decarbonisation.

Accessing credit markets for a sustainable future

This sustainability focused edition shares insights into how credit markets are playing a crucial role in the global transition to net zero.

Channelling capital to where it's needed most

In 2021, credit markets have been a force for good. Our year-end edition has several instances of how we partnered together with clients to finance critical sustainable development, navigate the transition to net zero and drive positive change across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Shipping finance

2021 has been one of the most exceptional years that the maritime industry has experienced. Find out how finance and investment are helping.

Financing net zero goals

Find out more about the pivotal role credit markets are playing in the transition to net zero, and how we are supporting our issuer and investor clients to capture  opportunities, while also making a difference.

Opportunities from disruption

Our inaugural Credit Markets edition of Bankable Insights explores what funding options are available for corporates, financial institutions and sovereigns to raise the capital they need, and how investors can turn their capital into 'a force for good' in today’s rapidly transforming credit landscape.

Market outlooks and insights

US mid-term elections, inflation and China’s zero COVID-19 restrictions

Would China re-opening and improved supply chains be disinflationary for next year? Could this support a potential pivot from other central banks? Eric Robertsen speaks to CNBC about the impact of the US mid-term elections, fed interest rate hikes and China’s zero COVID-19 restrictions on global markets.

Explore our video insight series

US mid-term elections, inflation and China’s zero COVID-19 restrictions

Would China re-opening and improved supply chains be disinflationary for next year? Could this support a potential pivot from other central banks? Eric Robertsen speaks to CNBC about the impact of the US mid-term elections, fed interest rate hikes and China’s zero COVID-19 restrictions on global markets.

Explore our video insight series

Global Q2-23 Outlook Podcast – What lies beneath

Beneath an overall story of declining growth, other independent narratives are emerging. China’s economy roars back to life after COVID-19, but are the benefits of that growth equal across all sectors and markets? Find out in this podcast.

‘What lies beneath’ and what to expect from Q2 2023

While we expect global economic growth to slow down this year, we see significant cross-currents emerging. How will divergent economic trends in the US and China impact the rest of the world?

Is King Dollar at risk of being dethroned?

Recent market movements have sparked a flurry of theories about the world’s most widely used currency. Is the USD losing its reserve currency status? Are countries looking to circumvent the USD in their trading relationships? Find out in this podcast.

Global 2023 Outlook Podcast – A year of two halves

Whilst economic growth is expected to slow in the first half of the year, the second half could see a recovery taking hold. Are emerging markets poised for a recovery this year? And if they are how should investors and businesses navigate them? Find out in this podcast.

2023 Financial Market Surprises Podcast

As we look at the year ahead, what are the potential surprises – or black swan events – that may be under-priced by the markets? In this podcast, Eric Robertsen shares some possible scenarios that the financial markets may have missed.

Global H2-22 Outlook – Near the tipping point

In the first half of the year, markets focused on upside risks to inflation. This is now shifting to include downside risks to growth and recession forecasts. How do investors and businesses navigate the almost conflicting narratives between inflation and recession? Find out in this podcast.

Global H2-22 Outlook – Mixed growth prospects

How far can the expected downturns in US and Europe be offset by expansionary policy from China and the post-Covid recovery in a number of ASEAN economies?

Global Q2-22 outlook – recovery, disrupted

If 2021's expectations were influenced by a new world attitude due to the pandemic, then 2022 may end up being about a new world order. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the longevity of China's zero COVID plans. Volatility, interest rates and prices are all on the up. Find out what this means for the markets in this podcast.

To have and have not: Ukraine and COVID divide emerging markets

Global crises are dividing frontier and emerging markets into "Haves" that can take advantage of the volatility, and "Have Nots" that are only damaged by it.

Macro trading and investment

Why investors are heading towards Africa’s emerging and frontier markets

Uncovering Africa’s new investment opportunities.

Mastering the art of differentiation: sifting out the gems in emerging market investments in 2022

Differentiation, knowing where to look and constructing resilient portfolios will be the key to successful EM investing in 2022.

How investors should view opportunities in China in 2022

As China moves towards ‘Common Prosperity’, how should international investors position themselves?

Financing and securities services

Islamic finance and the securities market outlook for 2023

What is driving the ascent of Islamic finance and what solutions are integral in supporting the market moving forward?

Smart regulation for digital assets: How the UAE and Singapore lead the way

Singapore and the UAE are great examples of markets ahead in terms of the environment they have created for digital assets. However, they arrived at their destinations via different routes.

India’s reforms building momentum for increased investor interest

Over the last decade, India has implemented a number of positive measures, which have helped open up its vibrant domestic capital markets to foreign portfolio investors (FPIs).

Untapped Africa: A frontier for ESG

Africa’s capital markets are reputed to be challenging for foreign institutions to navigate. Despite this, the region could be the next frontier for environmental, social, governance (ESG) investing.

Asia zeros in on ESG

What is driving investor demand for ESG, and how are service providers responding to it?

Navigating Post Trade Complexities in SSA

What are the main obstacles frustrating investors in Africa’s capital markets and post-trade infrastructure, and can these issues be resolved by the central securities depositories?

GCC markets power on

As GCC economies such as Qatar and UAE establish new investment products and post-trade infrastructure, find out why investors are excited about the opportunities.

East Africa finds its feet

With their strong economic growth potential, find out why East African markets are generating a lot of interest among global investors.

The re-shaping of Africa’s capital markets

Although African markets do present challenges for global investors, local FMIs (financial market infrastructures) are taking a pragmatic approach towards digitalisation, regionalisation and post-trade reform.

Sibos 2021: ‘Ask Me Anything’ about the convergence of Islamic financing and ESG

Shikkoh Malik, Head of Group Fiduciary & Fund Services and Global Islamic Champion shares insights on the opportunities for Islamic finance to drive sustainable investment.

Watch the video

Sibos 2021: ‘Ask Me Anything’ about the convergence of Islamic financing and ESG

Shikkoh Malik, Head of Group Fiduciary & Fund Services and Global Islamic Champion shares insights on the opportunities for Islamic finance to drive sustainable investment.

Shaping securities services for tomorrow’s world

How does the securities services industry strike the optimum balance across emerging markets, technology and talent management for a better tomorrow? Find out in our latest edition of The Custodian.

Emerging markets, hidden gems

Our second edition of The Custodian for 2022 shares insights on the latest challenges and opportunities in the custody and securities services industry. Find out where the hidden gems are in Emerging Markets today.

The future of custody is collaboration

Our first edition of The Custodian for 2022 shares insights on how collaboration is more than just product innovation and official partnerships and its potential benefits – not just for investors, intermediaries, and issuers but for communities and our environment too.

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