A battle for the best supply chain

Is your supply chain fit to manage the demands it faces today? And is it flexible enough to adapt to…

26 Sep 2019

Digital, crypto and tokenised assets in securities services

The digital transformation of financial services is continuing apace. Digital technology, such as distributed ledger technology (DLT), is enabling any…

20 Sep 2019

Gender diversity: a gamechanger in an age of disruption

As innovation disrupts and transforms the financial industry, firms are putting a premium on employing the best creative thinkers. With…

20 Sep 2019

The EU’s Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD2): Why it matters outside Europe too

On 3 September 2018, the European Commission published its Implementing Regulation 2018/1212 in relation to the Shareholder Rights Directive (last…

16 Sep 2019

Harnessing Contour’s open industry platform to transform global trade

Today, when information is easily available at our fingertips, and an online payment takes a fraction of a second, it…

16 Sep 2019

Faster, fit-for-purpose and fraud-proof: Digitalising financial aid distribution

Financial services and public sector development organisations are turning to innovative technology to secure access to financial aid.

16 Sep 2019

De-risking in Correspondent Banking: existential challenge or catalyst for change?

Growing regulatory expectations, costs of due diligence, and concerns around profitability have led international banks to de-risk their portfolios, scaling…

16 Sep 2019

The Rise of Asia-Pacific as a Source of Innovation

Asia-Pacific’s role as a fertile ground for technological development has been attributed to a powerful cocktail of relatively youthful populations,…

16 Sep 2019

Payments innovation for financial inclusion

Financial inclusion enables and empowers people and communities and can help drive economic growth by bridging economic opportunities and outcomes.

16 Sep 2019

Diverse threats demand diverse solutions: The evolution of cybersecurity

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, how best can banks and financial institutions (FIs) best tackle cybercrime, and how can…

16 Sep 2019

Banking on innovation in a digital world

Innovation and disruption have become the watchwords of the financial services industry, but will it continue to exist in the…

16 Sep 2019

Innovation culture – moving towards agility

We are living in an era of hyper convergence and instant gratification; everything needs to be fast and free. Fintech…

16 Sep 2019

Regtech and the fight against financial crime

Every aspect of banking today is being transformed by new technologies - the fight against financial crime is no exception.

16 Sep 2019

Man meets machine – A human touch

From apocalyptic movies about machines destroying humans to hyperbolic headlines about job losses, if popular media is to be believed,…

11 Sep 2019

How corporates and banks can promote sustainable trade

Momentum to drive sustainable trade has been good, but there are still challenges to overcome.

11 Sep 2019

Digitising trade in China for growth and prosperity

Kathy Huang, Head of Trade, and Eileen Jiang, Head of Trade Products, both at Standard Chartered in China, provide an…

11 Sep 2019

China investment has never been easier

Now in its fourth year, Standard Chartered’s annual RMB Investors Forum survey gathers the views of investors, regulators and custodians…

11 Sep 2019

BigTech is coming. Is banking ready?

Much of the commentary around technology and financial services has positioned newcomers as an existential threat to banks. This is…

11 Sep 2019

Digitising the supply chain

With the trade finance space digitising across the entire supply chain, corporates and banks now have the tools to co-create…

10 Sep 2019

DLT for Trade: Ever closer to a digital globe

Technology will disrupt trade finance, just as it has disrupted other intermediary businesses and there will be a lag in…

30 Aug 2019

Digitisation: Accelerating the financial supply chain

By removing paper and automating processes, digitisation is driving major change in both physical and financial supply chains.

30 Aug 2019

Strengthening Securities Services: ISSA’s FCC principles explained

The ISSA has newly developed a more robust compliance framework to help detect and prevent crimes in Securities Services.

11 Jun 2019

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