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Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has created a perfect storm of disruption and prompted companies to think about what they must do to survive and thrive.

This series explores digitalisation trends accelerated by the pandemic to build resilience, efficiency and achieve transformative growth.

Industry collaboration and co-creation to drive innovation and agility

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2021 Global Trade Outlook: Reasons for Optimism

A rapid rebound in EM export volumes supports market expectations for a V-shaped recovery in 2021.

14 Dec 2020

Harmonising data exchange: the key to upgrading payments

A coordinated effort among industry members is key to achieve the promise of digital payments, and data is central to…

3 Dec 2020

Why Straight Through Processing (STP) efforts in post-trade need to go multi-lateral

Only by aligning all players along the custody value chain in a multi-lateral effort, will we be able to make…

7 Oct 2020

Building diversity in leadership: Meet Standard Chartered’s Sibos 2020 STAR scholar and mentor

Both at Sibos and beyond, Standard Chartered remains commited to building a diverse pool of future ready leadership talent.

6 Oct 2020

Unlocking the promise of digital payments – three focus areas

The world is moving towards a cashless future. The benefits for both consumers and businesses - convenience, cost and speed…

1 Oct 2020

Winds of change: three ways Asia’s corporate treasurers are digitising

Digitisation is driving improvements in treasurers’ cash and liquidity management in Asia to safeguard against future disruption.

24 Sep 2020

Middle East and Africa corporate treasurers forge ahead into the digital era

Once seen as latecomers in the adoption of technology, swathes of Africa and the Middle East are now surging forward.

17 Sep 2020

How Big Tech can contribute to building a more sustainable future

This article outlines how big tech can help shape both the economic recovery and create a better future for all.

5 Aug 2020

War on cash – the automatic choice

Here’s how digital transformation is enabling corporate treasurers to build business resilience.

26 Aug 2020

Are you open for API business?

Establishing digital connections for creativity and collaboration

8 Jun 2020

Experts brace for LIBOR day

LIBOR will cease to exist after 2021. Yet much of the financial sector is struggling to prepare for what comes…

4 Feb 2020

Man meets machine – A human touch

From apocalyptic movies about machines destroying humans to hyperbolic headlines about job losses, if popular media is to be believed,…

11 Sep 2019

BigTech is coming. Is banking ready?

Much of the commentary around technology and financial services has positioned newcomers as an existential threat to banks. This is…

11 Sep 2019

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