Standard Chartered Markets Post Trade A digital home for all your post-trade needs

Revolutionise your post-trade experience with our digital platform – view, manage, and process your global trades anywhere, anytime.

Manual processing of trade confirmation documents is time-consuming and leaves your business vulnerable to errors. With Standard Chartered Markets Post Trade, we can help you transform this process.

Currently available for FX trades, this platform enables you to digitally view and confirm your trade confirmations at the click of a button.

Plus, with Standard Chartered Markets Post Trade embedded within our Straight2Bank NextGen platform, there’s no extra steps – or costs – involved. So when confirming your trades, you’ll also have access to our full range of digital services across Standard Chartered Markets trading, cash management, securities services, and trade services.

Start your digital post-trade journey

Why choose our platform?

Improved efficiency and reliability

Going digital with post-trade activities removes manual errors – and a bulk-confirmation capability ensures speed

Sustainable trading documentation

With paperless confirmations and document storage, digital post-trade activities are good for our planet

Everything in one place

Save time and resources – make post-trade part of your broader digital banking activities with Straight2Bank NextGen

Unrivalled FX coverage

Confirm trades in a unique mix of emerging and frontier market currencies

How it works

With Standard Chartered Markets Post Trade, trade confirmation documents become virtual. There’s no more need for paper, and no time lags from manual processing – using this simple process: 

  1. Execute your FX trade with us using Standard Chartered Markets or traditional voice channels.
  2. The trade feeds into the post-trade system, and a confirmation is sent to you on Standard Chartered Markets Post Trade.
  3. Log in, check, and confirm your trade.
  4. Your acceptance feeds back to us and your trade is confirmed.

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