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Standard Chartered’s suite of Payables Financing solutions caters to all your import financing needs, including the financing of any advance payments required to secure the purchases. Apart from providing a reliable source of liquidity for working capital optimisation, Standard Chartered offers a seamless client experience supported by leading digital capabilities and channels.

Standard Chartered recognises the varying purchasing pattern of clients and caters to their end-to-end financing requirements accordingly. Solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business terms and contractual obligations with suppliers to ensure efficient financing across various stages of your trade cycle.


Standard Chartered is at the forefront of digital transformation. We have developed state of the art proprietary platforms and integrate with third party platforms, partnerships and marketplaces to provide seamless experience to clients.

Trade processes are increasingly being automated today with the evolving digital landscape and growing adoption of new technology. The shift from hard-copy to electronic documentation has made transaction processing much more fluid. With our open approach, Standard Chartered is well-positioned to cater to your import financing needs through our Payables Financing solutions.

Client experience

Standard Chartered strives to make the end-to-end financing process simpler, faster and better for you. As well as our documentation being simplified for your ease, we also offer quick implementation and processing, support digital initiation and provide you with real-time visibility.

With our Straight2Bank platform, we remain up to date with the latest developments in digital trade. Digital document submission is enabled, and comprehensive dashboards and transaction information are available, all at your convenience.

Seamless transition from pre-shipment to post-shipment financing

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