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We can help identify a Sustainable investment (SI) approach that best matches your personal values.

PvB - Sustainable Banking Report 2022

Sustainable Banking Report 2022

PvB Sustainable Investing - Our ESG Framework

Our Sustainable investments framework

PvB Sustainable Investing - Our role in Sustainable Investments

Our role in Sustainable investments

PvB Sustainable Investing - Get to net zero with our range of Sustainable products

Get to net zero with our range of Sustainable products

PvB article 5 - Surfing the Next Wave of ESG Investment

Next Wave of ESG Investment

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SI Universe Framework

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Equities


Companies with a Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Rating of negligible or low.

Sustainalytics is a global ESG ratings agency.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Bonds


Issuers with a Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating of low or negligible and/or Certified green, social, or sustainable bonds.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Mutual Funds / ETFs

Mutual Funds / ETFs

Funds labelled by Morningstar as Sustainable Investments.
ESG Select subset: High conviction sustainable products, backed by internal framework and in-depth analysis.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Structured Products

Structured Products

Approved issuers + Underlying assets part of Sustainable Investments universe.

ESG ratings and what does this mean for you?

ESG ratings are a numerical measure of how a company is perceived to be performing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.

A lower ESG-risk rating is better and means that the company is less exposed to ESG risks and better at managing them.

Equities and bonds are screened with ESG Select screen, and companies flagged by our screens are excluded.

Our role in Sustainable investment

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Invest with impact

Invest with a purpose

Take a positive step by accessing a range of investment opportunities supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals; including investments in clean water and sanitation, clean energy, and climate change. Learn more about these goals here.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Curated partners

ESG Partners

We select ESG partners who have each considered certain environmental, social or governance risks in formulating their investment strategies.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Higher standards

Clarity and transparency

We work with industry experts like Morningstar and Sustainalytics to determine our sustainable investments range.

Debunking ESG investing myths

Myth 1: ESG underperforms

Many studies have debunked the idea that you have to sacrifice financial gains to make a positive impact. A 2020 research from data provider Morningstar examining the long-term performance of a sample of sustainable funds shows that the majority of these funds have done better than non-ESG funds over one, three, five and 10 years.

Myth 2: The "feel good" factor

Sustainable investing is more than doing good, it can be a longer-term measurement of a company’s financial health and returns. In fact, applying ESG factors provides yet another risk management lens.

Myth 3: Just climate change

Beyond just the environmental factors, sustainable investing also addresses corporate governance and social factors, business ethics and supply chain issues.

Sustainable finance products

Our range of products offers growth opportunities associated with long-term trends, while helping you make an impact in the world.

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Savings

Sustainable savings and term deposits

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Investments

Sustainable investments

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Mortgages

Green mortgages

PvB Sustainable Investing ESG - Green Auto Loans

Green auto loans