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We offer specialist advice with a difference, thanks to our unique footprint and independent approach. We do the work for you, using a diversity-driven approach to recommend the best investment solutions. Giving you the insights that matter in this age of information overload.

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Insights over information

In this age of information overload, getting reliable, high-quality investment advice is growing ever more important - and more challenging. That's why we do all the hard work for you, using our unique approach and expertise to craft targeted insights that are relevant to your individual needs.

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Diversity lies at the heart of our investment decision-making process. With a combination of diverse perspectives, diverse sources of market information, rigorous debate followed by an anonymous voting process, we give you insights free from bias.

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Open architecture

We have your interests in mind-that’s why our advisory team works with open architecture, using diverse views to develop investment advice and recommend solutions that are truly best in class.


Advice that speaks to you

Our range of reference portfolios can be customised to your specific geographical and risk preferences,  right down to the security level for even more flexibility. You'll also benefit from a dedicated Investment Advisor to help you navigate our advice in a range of accessible ways.

Our latest market views

Explore our breadth of leading, unbiased investment insights designed to help you navigate today’s complex investment landscape.

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Weekly Market View

More stimulus coming?

14 February 2020

Market Watch: A renewed focus on negotiations

Market Watch

Tariff hike and counter hike

26 August 2019

Global Market Outlook: Preparing for volatility

Global Market Outlook

A balancing act

17 December 2019

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Thought leadership

Beyond investments, we want to provide you with the latest insights on shifting trends that are impacting business leaders worldwide. Our thought leadership series, ‘Better Life Breakthroughs’ - in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit - explores new innovations in investment, work, leisure, and health.

To give or invest?

Where sustainable finance and philanthropy intersect.

This report by the Economist Intelligence Unit provides you with new insights on the sustainable finance and philanthropy sectors.

Innovation in Investment

Innovation in investment

This report explores how technology is creating new investment opportunities for high net worth investors, an area which was previously the domain of large funds and institutional investors

  • Sustainable investing is on the cusp of a revolution
  • Emerging markets will at times surpass developed markets both as destinations and sources for sustainable investing, and in the development and adoption of fintech solutions
  • Technology will ‘democratise’ investment 
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Labour pains: Coming shifts in the world of work

We explore how the work environment may change under the combined impact of technology advances, shifts in workforce demographics and attitudes, and new thinking on workplace organisation and design.

  • Managing tomorrow’s workforce will be a balancing act and new tensions will need to be smoothed
  • Some new technologies will be transformative, and also painful
  • Privacy will become a relic of the past
The future of healthcare: Preventative, personalised and precise

The future of healthcare: Preventative, personalised and precise

Our latest report looks at how the current healthcare habits of high net worth individuals across Asia, the Middle East and Africa might lead to breakthroughs for society as a whole.

  • Healthcare of the future will be increasingly personalised, preventative, precise and data-driven
  • It may be far less focused on treatment and more on tailoring lifestyle interventions, enabled by new healthcare technologies
  • When these technologies go from niche use to broader application, they may potentially be challenged

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