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Our approach to wealth

SC Wealth - Today

Planning for today

Ensuring you have the liquidity and stable cash flow to meet your near term needs and lifestyle, by matching your current assets and resources against expenditure.

Primary financial needs
• Meeting near term spending needs
• Savings for emergencies
• Protection

Investment solutions
• Cash & cash equivalents
• Fixed income instruments
• Mutual Funds paying distributions
• High dividend equities and REITS
• Life/medical/disability/property/car insurance

SC Wealth - Tomorrow

Securing tomorrow

Having a clear view of your financial goals and future needs, and ensuring your wealth portfolio grows to meet them over your lifetime.

Primary financial needs
• Wealth accumulation
• Hedging against inflation
• Saving for an investment property
• Retirement planning
• Planning for children’s education

Investment solutions
• Growth portfolio – mutual funds, equities, bonds, private assets, hedge funds
• Insurance
• Endowment plan
• Real Estate / Property

SC Wealth - Forever

Building for forever

Focusing on a longer term view of investment planning to improve the lives of family members and the generations to come. 

Primary financial needs
• Wealth transfer
• Life cover (to manage estate tax)
• Unlocking the value of property assets
• Orderly transition of Business interests

Investment solutions
• Private Equity
• Trusts
• Estate planning structures
• Growth portfolio – mutual funds, equities

Our wealth planning considers your situation, background and needs. Here are some examples.

Today’s needs - Emergency funds
Portfolio - Highly liquid investments such as cash equivalents, fixed income instruments, equities, mutual funds

Tomorrow’s needs - Children's education and retirement planning
Portfolio - Multi asset growth portfolio, equities, regular savings plans, life insurance, pensions

Forever's needs - Creating wealth for next generation
Portfolio - High growth portfolio, trust

Today, Tomorrow and Forever allocation - 10% Today, 80% Tomorrow, 10% Forever

Dual-income family with 2 children in school 

Today’s needs - Supplement living expenses
Portfolio - Cash equivalents, fixed income instruments, equities, mutual funds

Tomorrow’s needs - Retirement
Portfolio - Multi-asset growth portfolio, life and property insurance

Forever's needs - Wealth for children and transfer of business interests
Portfolio - High growth portfolio, trusts, wills

Today, Tomorrow and Forever allocation - 40% Today, 30% Tomorrow, 30% Forever

Business owner with spouse and 2 grown up children

4 additional considerations for business owners:

1. Excessive concentration
Many entrepreneurs take as little income as possible, and funnel as much money as they can back into their business. If you are
predominantly invested in your business, your portfolio is concentrated. You should consider diversifying to manage and reduce risk.

2. Managing lumpy cashflows
Businesses may not have stable and regular cashflows, forcing you to account for lean periods by holding excess liquidity. As you may not be able to contribute to a savings plan regularly, revisiting your financial goals regularly is important.

3. Future of the business
It’s critical to plan for what happens to your business after you leave, both from an ownership perspective as well as the running of the company. Having a detailed succession plan is important to ensure a smooth transition.

4. Key-person risk
Many privately owned companies depend on the founder. Ensuring that your business can continue to operate if you are unexpectedly unable to contribute is an important risk-mitigant to have in place.

Our approach to managing wealth

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