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The latest on how the world’s biggest infrastructure initiative is transforming global trade

Beyond construction

Connection, not just construction. Look beyond Belt and Road’s vast investment in infrastructure and discover a new narrative about connectivity.

9 Oct 2018

Opportunities to serve the greater good

Serving the greater good. True success requires Belt and Road to marry economic growth with social mobility and sustainability.

9 Oct 2018

Asian infrastructure

Tackling Asia’s funding gap Belt and Road is aligning Asian investors looking for opportunities with projects that need their money.

9 Oct 2018

What the Belt and Road initiative means for business in Bangladesh

How Bangladesh benefits from Belt and Road Bangladesh could play a prominent role as goods and capital flow westwards from…

9 Oct 2018

What the Belt and Road initiative means for business in Pakistan

What does Belt and Road mean for Pakistan? Pakistan’s location will make it integral for Belt and Road trade flows.

9 Oct 2018

Understanding the role of banks

Discover the banks that are helping put Belt and Road’s philosophy of shared prosperity into action.

9 Oct 2018

What the Belt and Road initiative means for the world

What Belt and Road means for the world The impact of Belt and Road will be felt around the world…

9 Oct 2018

Belt and Road by numbers

Crunching the Belt and Road numbers Belt and Road has the potential to redraw the global trade map. The statistics…

9 Oct 2018

Belt and Road: The biggest beneficiaries

The biggest beneficiaries of the Belt and Road. There are over 65 nations involved in Belt and Road, with four…

9 Oct 2018

The Belt and Road: The potential to transform economies on its route

Transforming global trade. What does Belt and Road mean for nations on its routes? Massive investment and economic transformation.

9 Oct 2018

China investments enter a new era

International investors are increasing their exposure to China, our latest survey finds

Trade beyond borders | 22 Jun 2018

What the Belt and Road Initiative Means for Business in Sri Lanka

How Belt and Road benefits Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is now seizing the opportunity to integrate more heavily with trade…

22 Oct 2018

The knowledge exchange

Connecting cultures through Belt and Road enables the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture – not just commerce.

9 Oct 2018

Five ways Belt and Road is taking shape

The world’s biggest infrastructure project is beginning to deliver on its promise to deepen trade, investment and infrastructure links

Trade beyond borders | 30 Nov 2017

The chance for banks to show their worth

Being a bank that’s a force for good is just as important as being one that fosters economic growth and…

Explore our world | 6 Sep 2017

Belt and Road – why the UK will gain

China’s ambitious infrastructure project could help cement London as the world’s top financial centre after Brexit

Trade beyond borders | 22 Jun 2017

Now is not the time to sell China short

China’s transition won’t be smooth sailing, but for those willing to invest for the long term, the opportunities are still…

Trade beyond borders | 8 Jun 2016

What the renminbi’s rise means for Africa and the Middle East

Emerging markets stand to benefit significantly from the internationalisation of China’s currency

Trade beyond borders | 4 Jan 2016

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