‘Confidence gap’ holding back the affluent from meeting their goals

Almost two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, affluent consumers need new strategies to grow their wealth. But the pandemic has also caused many of them to lose confidence in their financial management, making them increasingly averse to risk.


Affluent customers

Top three priorities for affluent consumers

  • Improving personal health
  • Saving money for their children's future
  • Ensuring a comfortable retirement

What is the 'confidence gap'?

The confidence gap

What are the affluent saying?

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Wealth management insights

Sustainable investing is at a tipping point

With growing awareness of these global problems, investors recognise they have a responsibility to make a difference. 

The three Ps of pandemic money management

Planning, purchasing sustainably and powering up your devices are the biggest personal finance tips during COVID-19. 

Riding the bull wisely

The risk of trying to time when to exit the market before any short-term correction and re-enter at the bottom are greater than staying invested . 

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