Borderless Business

Connecting Europe and the Americas to the global trade corridors

Borderless Business

About the research report

Expansion into new markets remains a key way for organisations of all sizes and industries to diversify and grow their business so we've conducted a survey of over 1,000 CFOs and senior treasury professionals from Europe and Americas to understand their companies’ international expansion ambitions.

Latest research report findings

Ongoing uncertainties have not dampened western multinational corporations’ appetite for international expansion – the best growth opportunities outside of home markets grew by 5% in the last six months.  

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Borderless Business 2020

  • >50% identified Asia as a priority growth region
  • Accessing information and guidance on local regulations remain a key challenge internationally
  •  >50% ranked supply chain failure and disruption amongst their top three worries
  • All industries are taking a diversified approach to financing their international expansion plans
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International expansion strategies

  • Western multinational corporations (MNC) are proactive in their pursuit of growth in Asia. 70% of MNCs are already exporting to Asia or in the process of doing so, with a further 24% considering it. 
  • UK firms are more active in Asia than those from the US, Germany, or France. 71% of UK companies outsource operations to Asia, compared with 62% overall.
  • French companies have not yet developed some of their activities in Asia to the same extent as those from UK, US, or Germany.