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libor transition Client Briefing Sessions

A series of virtual sessions for clients who are preparing for the transition away from LIBOR. Hear from our subject matter experts on industry developments and the required next steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Past Sessions

A list of briefing sessions that we have conducted.

Final Preparations for LIBOR's End

14 and 15 September 2021

Listen to our latest update on the transition timeline and upcoming milestones as we approach LIBOR’s cessation, and provide an overview on the final months' use of USD LIBOR, SOFR as an alternative rate, and the progress of non-USD LIBOR remediation.

Finalisation: LIBOR Cessation Timelines and the ISDA Spread Adjustment

20 and 22 April 2021

Listen to our latest update on recent market developments, including the results of the IBA consultation on LIBOR cessation dates, as well as an update on the finalisation of the ISDA Credit Adjustment Spread.

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ISDA Protocol Adherence

14 and 18 January 2021

Hear from the Bank on topics including implications of adhering to the Protocol versus not doing so, options on remediation if not adhering, and how the Bank is managing the transition. 

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LIBOR Transition: Update and next steps

8 and 9 December 2020

Stay up to date with LIBOR transition timelines, RFR market developments, the Bank's transition plans and RFR capabilities.

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If you have further questions or would like to know more about the transition, please visit the dedicated LIBOR and Other Benchmarks webpage.

LIBOR Transition

Find out more about LIBOR transition and what you can do to prepare yourself for it