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Hong Kong Group Technology & Banking Operations Management Trainee Programme 

Technology & Operations is at the heart of Standard Chartered. As a centre of excellence and continuous innovation, GTO lays the foundation for growth across all businesses and support functions, and contributes significantly to the Bank's strategic priorities. We are guided by a vision of a best-in-class function comprised of diverse, highly-skilled and creative teams. Our ability to innovate in anticipation of new business needs enables the Bank to capitalise on its position in the world's fastest-growing economies.

 Ultimately, we define our role not only as the right partner for the business, but as a real source of competitive advantage.  With GTO as the second largest group in the Bank, and Hong Kong as the number one market for Standard Chartered, Hong Kong GTO is key to the Bank’s success.

About the programme

The Hong Kong GTO Management Trainee Programme lasts for 12 months, and is designed to develop and equip our trainees with what it takes to become the next generation leaders of GTO here in Hong Kong.

Programme streams

Graduates can choose from the following three streams – Personal Banking Operations, Business Banking Operations, and Technology.

The programme is structured to ensure thorough exposure in terms of product and technical knowledge, stakeholder relationship building, soft skills training, as well as the opportunity to participate and lead multiple projects and initiatives, in order to enhance and thoroughly develop your skill set.

It is important to select the stream which best reflects your interests, natural abilities, and ambitions. Choose from:

Personal Banking Operationsshow/hide

Personal Banking Operations (PBO) forms the vital backbone of Consumer Banking in Hong Kong – supporting Personal Banking, Preferred Banking, Priority Banking, Private Banking and Small & Medium Enterprises. PBO offers support and coverage, by streamlining processes, elevating service levels, exercising cost efficiency, and ensuring that the Bank’s products and promises are executed seamlessly. You will proactively manage risks via ongoing improvements, forecast resources to respond to changes in demand and the market, and deliver superior services to our customers – which is the foundation of Standard Chartered Bank’s brand image.

As a CBO Management Trainee, you will be working with one of the most efficient teams in Standard Chartered, and become one of the core members delivering the Personal Banking strategic agenda. You will have the chance to work on, or even lead the team to:

  • Design and execute smooth and friendly end-to-end services to our customers
  • Digitise & industrialise the various processes to enhance customer service quality
  • Collaborate with our frontline sales on new customer acquisition strategies and campaigns
  • Deliver business offerings and solutions to attract our next generation customers
  • Balance risk and return via a robust risk management framework
Business Banking Operationsshow/hide

Business Banking offers a wide range of solutions for our corporate and institutional clients globally – Transaction Banking, Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, and Principal Finance, with presence in Hong Kong across all four streams. Business Banking Operations (BBO) offers support and coverage across all types of products, by streamlining processes, elevating service levels, exercising cost efficiency, and ensuring that the Bank’s products and promises are executed seamlessly within the regulatory environment.

You will proactively manage risks via ongoing improvements, forecast resources to respond to changes in demand and the market, and also partner with the business to drive process efficiency, and enhance products and services to exceed clients’ experience and expectations.

As a BBO Management Trainee, you will be working with one of the most efficient teams in Standard Chartered, as well as be able to collaborate with stakeholders on both a country and a global scale. You will have the chance to work on, and even lead the team to:

  • Support our local and global clients’ businesses by processing and enhancing our trade and cash instructions
  • Work with our Business partners in delivering the most effective and client centric solutions to our valued clients
  • Lead efforts to enhance and improve our efficiency and capabilities by industrialising and digitising the way we work
  • Partner with multiple teams and divisions across the Bank to deliver and expand on our interactions in Wholesale Bank



The Global Technology team is responsible for supporting over 1,000 applications, as well as desktops for 89,000 staff across 68 markets. You can look forward to working on a wide range of projects from developing and implementing the latest online trading platform, working with new technology start-ups to bring new and innovative pioneering products to the market, to addressing security needs.

As a Technology Management Trainee, you will be working with one of the most efficient teams in Standard Chartered, as well as having the opportunity to work closely with stakeholders across the Bank. You will have the chance to work on, or even lead the team to:

  • Provide technology service support to our users and staff across the Bank, including Branch and Dealing Room users
  • Lead and manage rollouts for large scaled projects and critical banking systems across both Hong Kong and the region
  • Work with internal and external teams on systems development in order to exponentially enhance and expand our Bank’s capabilities
  • Collaborate with our partners in Operations and the Business in delivering next generation digital and innovation initiatives


Programme structure

Induction programmeshow/hide

To ensure that you are fully equipped with the fundamental knowledge relating Standard Chartered and GTO, you will go through an intensive 10-day training program before officially starting your first rotation. The induction includes introduction to the various departments both within the Business and GTO, soft skill training sessions to equip you with the right skills to get started, networking sessions with our existing graduates and senior leaders across the Bank, as well as visits and workshops to allow stronger understanding of our Bank’s strategic direction for Digitisation and Innovation. At the end of the induction, you will also be given an opportunity to present to our senior leaders, on what you have learnt and concluded throughout the 10 days of training.

Development and trainingshow/hide

Throughout the 12 months, you will be given ample opportunities and exposure to hone your product and technical knowledge, network with the stakeholders, as well as your soft skills. Initiatives and opportunities include, and are not limited to:

  • Exposure to Different Departments
  • Shadowing Programme – Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Hong Kong GTO Management Committee
  • Training – e.g. Presentation, Negotiation, Project Management
  • Networking Opportunities with Senior Leaders
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Innovation & Digitisation Related Projects
  • Final Research Assignment
  • Sponsorship for Relevant Qualifications
  • Additional training and development opportunities will also be planned depending on each MT’s progress and strengths.
Career opportunitiesshow/hide

On deployment, MTs will take on a leadership role to further your knowledge, in a department in which each MT’s skill set can be the best maximised, and which is best aligned with individual strengths and aspirations. We will continue to ensure full support and focus on developing your career beyond the programme, to prepare you for a leadership role in GTO.

Our previously graduated MTs have taken on a variety of leadership roles since graduation, ranging from leading a team of over 20 staff, taking the lead in managing and pushing large scale projects across Hong Kong and subsequently across the Group, and working directly under the CIO.

Application and requirements

The breadth of our work means there is a role to suit everyone. Find out what we're looking for and learn more about the application process.

Entry requirementsshow/hide
  • An undergraduate degree in any discipline
  • No more than three years’ work experience
  • A fluent command of English
  • Drive and passion to undertake accelerated growth to become one of future leaders of Hong Kong GTO
Application processshow/hide

1. Online registration
The first step is to register online, providing basic information about yourself

2. Online assessments and application
Once you’ve registered, you will be invited to complete a series of online assessments.

The abstract and numerical reasoning tests are administered together. They are timed assessments and you will need to complete these tests in order to progress with your application.

Abstract Reasoning Test
This assessment measures your abstract reasoning abilities, which are important when solving problems and analysing information.

Numerical Reasoning Test
This assessment measures your numerical reasoning abilities in a business context, such as tables and charts typically found in reports and the financial press.

Following the completion of the abstract and numerical reasoning tests, you’ll then be asked to complete the online application form, providing additional information such as your academic history, work experience and attaching your CV/Resume.  Upon submission of this, your application form and results will be reviewed.  We aim to advise you as soon as possible of your application status; generally this is within two days however this may take longer during peak application times.

Work-related Strengths Assessment

If you are successful after review of your application and assessment results, you will be invited to complete a work-related strengths questionnaire. This assessment examines your personal preferences and the strengths, helping us to understand where you are likely to thrive.

Please note: We employ a policy of re-testing. This means we may require you to repeat any or all of our online assessments should you progress to a later stage of the application process.

3. Telephone interview
On review of your academic education, experiences and assessment results, a decision to proceed to interview will be made and an opportunity to participate in a telephone interview may be extended. This interview is your opportunity to tell us about your achievements and strengths, and for you to ask us any questions you may have.

4. Final assessments 

Following the telephone interview, selected applicants will be invited to take part in various assessments designed to further determine your suitability for the programme.

Business scenario

You will be presented with a business scenario, along with various documents, and asked to respond to relevant questions in order to help us understand how you analyse and interpret information. This assessment will be conducted online.

Group exercise/structured interview

You will be asked to participate in a group discussion or structured interview designed to help us understand how you communicate and work with others. This assessment will be conducted either at our office or via teleconference / videoconference, depending on your location.

5. Final decision
Once the interview process is complete, we will inform you of our decision, typically within 72 hours


Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered below.

How do I submit my application?show/hide

All applications should be submitted online. We do not process applications received in any other format.

Do I need any work experience?show/hide

We do not expect graduates to have any prior work experience. It is only one of many factors that will be considered during the application process. We assess you based on your ability to demonstrate talents and skills gained through other life experiences, such as travel, study, research, or involvement in community affairs.

Do I need a background in Finance?show/hide

We welcome applications from candidates with a variety of degree disciplines. Entry requirements for the different graduate programmes differ, so please refer to the individual programme pages for more information.

Do you sponsor graduates for further education?show/hide

Graduates who take part in the Wholesale Bank International Graduate Programme will be sponsored to undertake the CFA Level 1 qualification.

What's the deadline for applying?show/hide

For the majority of programmes you can apply online from September. Each programme has a different closing date, please check the relevant programme page for more information. We review each application on receipt and make offers throughout the year. We don't leave it to the last minute and nor should you.

When do the graduate programmes start?show/hide

Start dates vary by programme. The majority of graduate programmes start between June and August each year. All graduates must have commenced by 1 September 2012, the official start date for graduate programmes.

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