Banking can't change the world?

Our Culture and Values

Why we’re here

We help communities by helping businesses grow. All of those are in emerging markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our culture is different too, as diversity, inclusion and respect for each other are critical to our success. It will also help us be the best place to work and the best place to bank, and contribute to creating prosperous communities.

We’re building a more gender-balanced workforce and plan to have women in 30% of our top four senior roles by 2020. It unlocks innovation and helps make better decisions. So it’s good for you, and good for our business.

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Our Network

How far we reach

We’ve pioneered emerging markets for decades. No other international bank has the level of local presence we do, which makes us unique. We constantly invest in the world’s most exciting growth markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and believe in bringing out potential wherever we see it.

Our Social Initiatives that you can be a part of

Change where it matters

Promoting social and economic development isn’t just about our many corporate social responsibility initiatives. First and foremost, we help businesses become successful, which in turn impacts the wider local community. And yes, we get involved in programmes ranging from gender equality to eradicating avoidable blindness.


A new framework

Balancing business, economic growth and protecting the environment. We have a new sustainability framework, which will help us address what we do for businesses and economies, and what we need to do for the environment. For example, we’re publishing new criteria and standards about the kind of business we will do and the kind we won’t, starting with Coal. We’ve made our list of prohibited activities public. It shows that we’re committed to sustainable economic growth in our communities and markets.

Our international footprint Genuinely Global

Our International Graduates Nationality map

We’re made up of people from 125 countries around the world. Those are the colleagues and leaders you’ll be learning from. Our level of local presence is unique – no other international bank has anything like it.

Experience our international induction programme Our Induction Programme

At the beginning of the programme, we host our 4 week International Induction Programme in Shanghai to connect our global network of International Graduates with their peers from the 30+ countries we recruit for.

This event comprises of classroom sessions, case studies, and tailored technical training split by business stream. We celebrate at the end of the 4 weeks with our legendary Gala Dinner.

See the workshop events we run for Alumni Our Alumni WORKshops

Annually our graduates from previous years come together for our Alumni WORKshop. It is a week of learning, creative thinking and personal development.


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