Dan Koh

Global Head, Asset & Liability Management

Dan Koh


I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford and subsequently joined the Bank in 1995. Whilst I joined in London, I chose Standard Chartered because I wanted to come back to Asia to work, and the Bank had the most focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I started out on a structured training programme in London and then spent close to six months in New York in the Dealing Room. On my first day in Singapore thereafter, I was thrown in at the deep end. It was demanding and intimidating but that's the best way to learn fast.

My opportunities

I started out trading Asian fixed income securities when the market was nascent; then I moved to trade Interest Rate Derivatives for Asia. As the Asian Financial Crisis hit, some traditional markets dried up and others came into existence. The market for Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) was just beginning, and I worked on developing this product internally and externally including educating other market players such as clients and brokers. We were thought leaders in this product as it was developing in Asia, and now it has grown into a huge thriving market, and one of our most profitable products.

My portfolio later expanded to include trading, sales and geographic responsibilities, running Singapore for other traded products in addition to NDFs. In 2003, the Bank approached me to head Global Markets in Malaysia. I gave it a shot, seeing the opportunity to broaden my horizons in Sales, Capital Markets and Structuring, and also to lead and grow the business. It was the kind of role that requires you to roll up your sleeves and get in the thick of things to make a real impact, and I found that deeply exciting and satisfying.

I came back to Singapore in 2007 to run Global Markets for South East Asia and South Asia. That presented me a wider geographic lens on our business, working increasingly with more clients. In September 2011, I took on the role of Global Head for Asset and Liability Management (ALM). In ALM, we not only manage Liquidity, Interest Rate, and Credit Risk, we also work on the balance sheet of the Bank globally, and have many touchpoints and stakeholders. This new role allows me to further broaden my horizons not only on products, but also on working with many different