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Flexible working… trader and volunteer all in one week

When he joined the Bank, FX trader Nick Luder didn’t want to give up on his passions outside of work

I was a city spinner

Before I joined the Bank I ran and taught a spin class in my spare time. It was a hobby that turned into a business venture and I was really proud of how popular it became. It was getting busier, demanding more of my time, which became hard to balance. The role at the Bank appealed to me as it was to cover FX trading during New York hours, so working 3pm to 11pm, based in London. But I knew I would need more than the mornings to keep the spin studio going, so I requested a four-day week before joining and to my delight it was approved. I work part-time, Monday to Thursday.


I get to be part of my community

The hours I work give me independence. I no longer run the spin studio, but I’ve discovered plenty of other things that I have always wanted to do to keep me busy. I’m a trustee of a food bank, I mentor young people and am helping a charity that supports disabled people.


Being part of the community is important to me, and my flexible arrangement allows me to do that. I’ve also found the time to do things beyond community work in my spare time. I’m currently working on a mobile app that guides people on how much to tip at a restaurant no matter where you are in the world – I hope to have it up and running this year.


How I make it work

Flexible working is for me because I want a breadth of life experience. Working part time allows me to remain in finance and follow my passions and business interests outside of work. But I do have to make sure I’m committed to what I’m doing on all sides – be it my job at the Bank, or when I volunteer. This is important if you want to balance it all.