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Meet the people who inspired Hong Kong’s new banknotes

Our new notes for Hong Kong pay tribute to the city’s spirit

For the past 150 years, we’ve had the honour of issuing banknotes in Hong Kong, a privilege that’s just for central banks in most parts of the world.

New banknote designs don’t get released often in Hong Kong – only every eight to 10 years – so there’s a lot of excitement around the new series rolled out this month. The designs pay tribute to the city’s spirit, with each denomination telling a story about Hong Kong’s values.

Want to meet the people who inspired the new banknotes? Watch the below video.

HONG KONG'S BANKNOTES The stories behind the new designs

Watch the film

Which Hong Kong values are represented on the banknotes?

Sharing and caring: the HK$20 banknote shows a family enjoying time together over dim sum and tea

Better together: the HK$50 banknote shows one of the few native butterflies that can survive the winter. They stay together to fend off the challenge of the harsh weather

Inheritance and innovation: the HK$100 banknote shows the city’s cultural heritage with two young Cantonese opera artists performing against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s world-class arts venue

Resilience and perseverance: HK$500 banknote shows the view of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, which is home to rare volcanic rocks that have been around for 140 million years

Inheritance and innovation: HK$1,000 note shows the financial district to highlight Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre

Before you go, here’s an interesting fact

When the five banknotes are put together, their backgrounds form the silhouette of Lion Rock in Kowloon, a mountain that has become symbolic of the Hong Kong spirit (take a look at the image below or watch the above video between 3.03-3.10 to see the silhouette in motion).

Standard Chartered Hong Kong banknotes design 2018