A decade on the slopes: Neil’s story

Teaching a child, any child, to take calculated risks is a gift. Neil knows that only too well. Find out why he uses his three employee volunteering days on the slopes.

I have been a passionate skier for as long as I can remember and I knew when I had children, I wanted them to love it too. When my youngest daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome I knew that this would not stop me (or her!) enjoying the pure joy of the snow and beauty of the mountains in Scotland.

To kick start things, I volunteered along side Disability Snowsport UK to help my daughter take part in skiing using an adaptive sit ski. She loved it! The pure joy she experienced was phenomenal. As my daughter grew, so did my skills as an adaptive ski volunteer – so much so that I trained as an adaptive ski instructor to be able to help other people with a disability get the same level of enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Working for Standard Chartered has made this even easier. Over the past ten years, I’ve used my three volunteering days, to help children and adults on the slopes and train as a qualified instructor and get out on the mountain as often as I can – Scottish weather dependent! I feel privileged to not only teach my passion but use my allocated volunteering days to do so.

Not just for them but my own wellbeing. I will continue to use my volunteering days (and probably more!) to help others and support my own wellbeing at the same time. I’m able to give back and for those not using their days, it’s a wasted opportunity! 

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