Aiming high: Sandeep’s story

Inspired by the talent around him, Sandeep Mookharjea continues to build on his ambitions, 18 years after joining

Sandeep Mookharjea, Head of HR, Risk


I grew up in the eastern region of Kolkata in India as the only son of a working couple. From a young age I was told “Work hard, be sincere, love your family and friends and the rest will take care of itself”.  As I’ve gone through life, I’ve added my own personal motto “Dream it and you can do it!” which has served me well.

Together with my wife and two adorable daughters aged 12 and 10, I live in Singapore where my role is Head of HR for Risk, working with senior leaders in the Risk function to help shape their Global People agenda and advise them on key people decisions. 

"I’ve always had big ambitions, and I continue to aim high and grow my career"

I’ve always had big ambitions, and I continue to aim high and grow my career within HR, eighteen years after I joined the organisation. I hope to achieve this by paying close attention to how my senior managers act and think. That influences how I keep pushing myself and testing my capabilities even today.

I’m particularly grateful to two managers who took chances on me and made the biggest impact on my career. Back in 2006, my supervisor offered me the role of Head of HR Bangladesh, which catapulted me into completely different terrain where I learnt a lot. Then in 2010 I was offered the opportunity to come over to the more developed global market of Singapore, and really benefited from working with a manager who had a reputation for discovering and developing potential. Since then, I’ve had many great supervisors who have always believed in me, whilst helping me with constructive feedback and advice.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far in my career at Standard Chartered. Looking back, the only piece of advice I’d give myself is: don’t be in such a mad rush! Good things take time. Keep giving it your best effort day in and day out.

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