Asia offers the West a digital payments blueprint

This podcast reveals how digital payments can help drive innovation and differentiation.

by Tarek El-Yafi, Regional Head of Americas Cash Management Sales

Digital payments are cropping up around the world. In the US, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal are increasingly adopted by businesses and consumers. Facebook’s WhatsApp can let users send and receive payments in Brazil. In China, WeChat & AliPay dominate the consumer payment space with over 1 billion users. In addition, clearing-based instant payment schemes like real-time-ACH and FedNow will soon become a reality, including associated RTP applications. This is an exciting time for us to be in the game. At Standard Chartered, we offer numerous solutions for corporate clients to use UPI to collect from counterparties through various channels such as web, mobile, QR code, and over the counter, to support their business goals.

In this podcast, Tarek El-Yafi, Regional Head of Americas Cash Management Sales, shares his insights with The Banker on what western markets can learn from Asia's success and how US corporations can leverage digital payments to help tap into the Asian markets.

To learn more, please listen to the podcast below.

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