Committed to gender equality: Osman’s story

Osman is a mentor to many at Standard Chartered, and often finds he gains as much from the experience as his mentees

Osman Faiz, Chief Information Officer


Mentoring colleagues at the start of their career is something that is very important to me.  Many people think mentoring is one sided, but in fact, I have gained as much as I’ve given.  For my mentees, I hope I have shared the importance of listening to and learn from different perspectives. I also like to be honest about the mistakes I’ve made, in the hope that my mentees can learn from them.  In return, I get to hear personal stories, struggles, plans and aspirations from others that keep me grounded and remind me of my own sense of purpose. In many ways, my mentees have made me a better person.

I have a particular interest in promoting gender parity, which means I often mentor women working in technology to help advance their careers.   The two things I have always shared with my mentees are: only do what you enjoy doing because no one can ever be great by doing what he or she hates; and second, be bold.  I find if you explicitly express your career ambitions, you have a greater chance of achieving them.

“Watching my mother whilst growing up has taught me humility and perseverance, which I believe makes me a better employee and a better person”

My mother has been one of my greatest inspirations. Syeda Razia Faiz was a prominent politician in Bangladesh and I witnessed her fight to climb the political ladder in a male-dominated world.  Watching her taught me humility and perseverance, which I believe makes me a better employee and a better person.   As a Muslim Bangladeshi, discrimination isn’t foreign to me and my family. It may not be that obvious, but sometimes you just know it by the way you’re being looked at or talked to. It’s sad, but it’s exactly why I want to contribute to our Diversity & Inclusion agenda. To me, this isn’t something that’s ‘good to have’. To put it plainly and simply: it’s wrong to treat someone differently because of their nationality, gender, disability, or religious beliefs.

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