Mwita escapes gender bias to fulfil her dream

As the only girl among five siblings, Mwita grew up in the third-largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Her passion for football has inspired her to stand against established views on gender and discover her career interest in the beauty industry.

At the age of eight, she joined the Mrembo football club, which was part of Vijana Amani Pamoja, the NGO partner that delivers the Futuremakers’ Goal programme in Kenya.

Goal helps Mwita to take a stand

Mwita says: “Growing up as a girl in my family created many challenges, balancing homework and football schedules, but my mother supported me. However, my elder brother thought football would make me end up being pregnant when mingling with boys. I escaped from home, but didn’t have a place to go.”

At 18 years of age, she decided to get married, but it didn’t work out well so she left with her two children. Returning as a Goal life-skills coach, she worked with adolescent girls to share her story and inspire them to be resilient in life. 

She says: “I had the opportunity to participate in football once again and do a training course in beauty therapy where I learned how to run a successful business.”

An entrepreneur blossoms

After completing her training course and an internship, Mwita now works as a beautician in a well-established salon. But she says: “I have a dream to open my own business in the future and be my boss.”

Goal allowed her to gain skills, build her confidence and learn how to run a business. As a result, she says: “I am now a confident, empowered and happy young woman supporting my mum and my children through my job earnings.”

Futuremakers by Standard Chartered

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Since 2019, Futuremakers programmes have reached more than 366,000 young people across 35 markets.

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2021 Futuremakers Forum

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Did you know?

Our Goal programme has reached over 640,000 girls in which 11,346 improved employment-related knowledge and skills, and 9,134 demonstrated increased confidence and self-esteem.