My international network: Serena’s story

Serena has seen first-hand how our network can provide clients with solutions

Serena Leung. Associate, Commercial Banking, Financial Market Sales

Hong Kong

I first joined Standard Chartered in 2012 as an intern whilst still in my first year as a student at Hong Kong University.  In 2014, I joined the International Graduate programme working within the Corporate Clients Solution team and it was here that I first got an understanding of One Belt, One Road as we helped our clients in Hong Kong and China who businesses needed connections in our global footprint of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  This gave me fantastic exposure to different markets and I had the opportunity to be involved in many interesting projects. 

"I was able to introduce my client to colleagues in different markets, and that made all the difference to his business."

I was part of a small, niche team, which gave me great experience and I’m grateful to my supportive manager at the time who gave me the chance to be fully involved.  One Chinese client was looking for a bank that he could trust to expand his mobile phone business in Africa.  Using my connections in the International Graduate network, I could introduce him to my colleagues in those markets, and that made all the difference to his business. It was incredibly satisfying to play my part and it helped me decide where my next move within the business would be.

I decided to move into corporate sales within Financial Markets, which is where I’ve been working now for just over a year.  The job requires me to react quickly and always be available for my clients, anticipating their next move.  It has done wonders in developing my emotional intelligence and market-specific knowledge.  

But my work does not only revolve around my desk.  I also help run social enterprise workshops to support ex-addicts as they attempt to get back into work. With the chance this gives me to contribute to my community and the satisfaction I get from working with my colleagues and clients, I couldn’t ask for more.

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