Developing myself and others: Kabulo’s story

Kabulo can work on her own personal and career development, as well as the development of girls within our Girls Empowerment Programme, GOAL in Zambia.

Kabulo Ngoma, Credit Risk Manager and GOAL co-ordinator


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a sporty person. So the idea that I’d be involved in GOAL, our girls empowerment programme through sports, would seem unlikely at first! Luckily the programme’s success doesn’t rely on my running skills, but it does need my energy, commitment and passion – and I have plenty of that.

My ‘day job’ (as I call it) is a Credit Risk Approver. It can be fairly stressful at times, but I’ve been in this role for eight years and know that I have the right skills and tools to do the job well. I’m also one of those people that is first to put up my hand for volunteering programmes. I’m an active member in our diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as being part of the Seeing is Believing Forum in Zambia – our flagship community programme that helps tackle avoidable blindness across the globe.

“It gives me immense satisfaction to know that I can make a small difference to these girls’ lives.”

I first got involved with GOAL as a coordinator in 2015. Together with some colleagues, I recently visited a remote village in Kasisi to meet some of the girls on the programme. The spirit and enthusiasm of those girls was infectious. It dawned on me just how tough their lives were, like being exposed to liquor and unprotected sex at a very young age, being married off while only 12 or 13 years old, and no chance of an education without intervention. Our programme looked to empower them with education and important life skills like being money-savvy, as well as give them a day where they could relax and have fun together. We also explained the importance of knowing their rights, resolving conflict within the community and health and hygiene matters.

It gives me immense satisfaction to know that I can make a small difference to their lives. You could see from the look in their eyes how much they enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait to return soon to find out how they are doing. As for my day job, I’m working on my career development plan with my manager. I want to specialise in either an operational risk role or specialised credit. I’m so pleased that not only do I get the opportunity to work on my own development, but on the development of those girls too.


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