Resonating with our culture: Renee’s story

Renee finds the culture to be Standard Chartered’s most valuable asset

Renee Chang, Associate Director, Company Secretariat


Culture is vital within any organisation. When you spend most of your week in the office and give so much of yourself, it is imperative that you share the same values. It’s that feeling of coming home at the end of the day satisfied you’ve contributed to something positive.

During my time in previous organisations I had worked with Standard Chartered, so I had a good understanding of what the organisation stood for.  When I was approached to apply for a role myself, it made the decision easy to make. As well as being a member of Taiwan’s Company Secretariat team, I have been involved in various projects to embed our company culture and values across the organisation, including the Diversity and Inclusion committee. These projects allow me to contribute in a meaningful way, as well as draw on the experiences I’ve gained throughout my career. It is deeply satisfying to see the impact of these projects and it reminds me of what drew me to Standard Chartered in the first place: the strong culture.

It’s that feeling of coming home at the end of the day satisfied that you’ve contributed to something positive”

I’ve just returned home to Taipei after an 8 week secondment in London in a global role, where I experienced the same culture I have seen in Taiwan.  The project involved collaborating across many different functions against a short deadline.  We all worked together to ensure the exercise was successfully completed.  After focusing on the subsidiary level for several years, I find it inspiring to see other aspects of corporate governance and the possibility of future career development within the organisation.

There is so much investment in our culture and valued behaviours. We spend a lot of time ensuring colleagues understand who we are and what we work in purpose of. It’s not just about training or attending a workshop – it’s about embodying our values and strengthening us from the inside.

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