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Financing a just transition to net zero

Emerging markets need USD94.8 trillion to transition to net zero. But how will this money be raised without impacting their economic development? 

Disrupt or be disrupted: Unlocking digital transformation in Bangladesh

Our relationship with financial services is constantly shifting. As the world continues to mount an unparalleled response to an unprecedented…

Navigate the future | 27 Jun 2022

Watch: Our net-zero transition video series

As part of our efforts to help clients and communities transition to net-zero, we hosted a series of panel discussions…

Explore our world | 3 Jun 2022

Private investment crucial to funding a just transition

Urgent investment is needed to help emerging markets make a just net-zero transition and private capital must be part of…

Explore our world | 7 Apr 2022

Impact where it matters most

Our markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East are most at risk from climate change and wider ESG threats.…

Navigate the future | 19 Nov 2021