Economic Dynamism The economic performance of a market

The economic dynamism pillar assesses the economic performance of a market, measured by the increase in FDI, as well as export and GDP growth.

On these metrics alone, Ireland leads the charge, with its influx of FDI in recent years. Asian financial hubs Singapore and Hong Kong also take top spots, reflecting the impressive increases they have seen in investment flows, GDP and exports, despite coming from already high starting points. These developed markets appear alongside a number of emerging economies that have also made great strides in economic dynamism.

Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire also perform well, making swift progress from a relatively low starting point. The Philippines – which, according to our research could soon join the so-called ‘7% Club’ of markets with a GDP growth rate at 7 per cent or more over the next decade – also ranks highly for economic dynamism.

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