We’ve launched our Opportunity2030: Standard Chartered SDG Investment Map

Study finds UN Sustainable Development Goals represent almost USD10 trillion of high-impact investment potential

  • Standard Chartered’s Opportunity2030 study reveals both the funding need and the scale of the private-sector investment opportunity in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in emerging markets
  • The study examines the most impactful opportunities for investing in three infrastructure-focused SDGs in 15 high-growth markets across Asia and Africa

Young girl drinking from an outdoor tapLondon – Opportunity2030: The Standard Chartered SDG Investment Map reveals an almost USD10 trillion (USD9.668 trillion) opportunity for private-sector investors across all emerging markets to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The study identifies opportunities for investors to contribute to three infrastructure-focused goals between now and 2030: SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure across emerging markets.

The USD10 trillion private-sector opportunity represents around 40 per cent of the total funding required to meet specific indicators within the three SDGs – allowing for population growth as well as maintaining current access – with public funds expected to provide the bulk of the investment.

 Key findings:

  • Providing universal access to power represents the greatest investment opportunity for the private sector in all emerging markets by 2030 (USD4.226 trillion), followed by significant improvements to transport infrastructure (USD3.674 trillion), digital access (USD1.642 trillion) and access to clean water and sanitation (USD125.4 billion).
  • Looking more closely at 15 of the world’s fastest-growing economies, the study finds that China and India offer the greatest opportunities (USD2.829 trillion* and USD1.124 trillion respectively).
  • Zambia presents a big opportunity to make an impact on SDG 6. With 43 per cent of the population currently lacking access to clean water and sanitation, there is a USD0.7 billion private-sector investment opportunity to help close the gap by 2030.
  • To achieve universal access to electricity by 2030 (a key SDG 7 indicator), the greatest private-sector opportunities are found in India (USD701.5 billion), Indonesia (USD147.5 billion) and Bangladesh (USD73.9 billion).
  • For SDG 9, which encourages improvement in industry, innovation and infrastructure, China offers investors the greatest opportunities for improving transport infrastructure (USD2.310 trillion) and securing full digital access (USD492.8 billion).
  • The next largest investment opportunities for improving transport infrastructure and digital access are in India (USD176.9 billion and USD226.5 billion respectively), Indonesia (USD75.5 billion and USD53.7 billion respectively).

Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive at Standard Chartered, said:

“The UN Sustainable Development Goals are amongst the most ambitious projects humanity has ever attempted. As well as offering our best hope yet of tackling the world’s most serious challenges, they also offer a unique opportunity for the private sector. For the goals to be met, the private sector must play a central role in deploying capital to get projects off the ground. Opportunity2030 provides a map of these opportunities, revealing the sectors and markets where investors can best contribute to the SDGs whilst achieving sustainable returns.

“Currently, not enough capital is reaching the countries that need it the most. With the UN’s 2030 deadline for achieving SDGs just 10 years away, the time to act is now.”

Opportunity2030: SDG private-sector investment opportunities by country

Market Water and sanitation (SDG 6) Access to power* (SDG 7) Transport infrastructure (SDG 9) Digital access (SDG 9) Total
China USD26.1bn N/A USD2.310tn USD492.8bn USD2.829tn
India USD19.2bn USD701.5bn USD176.9bn USD226.5bn USD1.124tn
Indonesia USD4.0bn USD147.5bn USD75.5bn USD53.7bn USD280.7bn
Bangladesh USD3.2bn USD73.9bn USD21.6bn USD33.3bn USD132.0bn
The Philippines USD1.9bn USD61.3bn USD26.1bn USD28.2bn USD117.5bn
Nigeria USD5.7bn USD32.3bn USD28.8bn USD47.4bn USD114.2bn
Pakistan USD4.0bn USD44.7bn USD13.5bn USD34.0bn USD96.2bn
Thailand USD0.7bn N/A USD40.6bn USD17.0bn USD58.3bn
Vietnam USD1.3bn N/A USD20.1bn USD24.4bn USD45.8bn
Kenya USD2.3bn USD15.6bn USD9.1bn USD13.0bn USD40.0bn
Malaysia USD0.4bn N/A USD25.8bn USD8.8bn USD35.0bn
Ghana USD0.8bn USD7.8bn USD4.1bn USD6.9bn USD19.6bn
Sri Lanka USD0.2bn USD7.3bn USD4.6bn USD4.1bn USD16.2bn
Uganda USD0.8bn USD6.1bn USD2.8bn USD4.0bn USD13.7bn
Zambia USD0.7bn USD4.0bn USD1.6bn USD3.2bn USD9.5bn

*Please note: China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam already have universal access to power so are not included in the market-specific private-sector investment opportunity data above. However, with growing populations and economies, these markets will need to continue investing in affordable and clean energy to maintain access in a sustainable way. Maintenance of access in these markets is included in the emerging markets data for the overall and sector total private-sector investment opportunities.

You can download the full Standard Chartered Opportunity2030 report here.


Notes to editors:

Opportunity2030: The Standard Chartered SDG Investment Map is a macroeconomic study that draws on global data sources and indicative private-sector participation rates to provide companies, institutional investors and other stakeholders with an overview of where their investments could have the greatest impact. It spans 15 of the world’s fastest-growing economies and estimates the potential private-sector investment opportunity to contribute to three of the most investment-ready UN SDGs (6,7 and 9). Within these SDGs, it focuses on four indicators – water and sanitation services; power; telecoms (digital access); and transport infrastructure. For further details, please refer to the full report and methodology.

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