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Reinventing banking through partnerships

Partnerships are integral to our strategy where technology has blurred the boundaries between businesses. Through partnerships, we are able to bring the best solutions to our clients by combining our strengths.

Our partnerships have taken the form of investments in fintechs that complement our business strategy, collaborations with tech partners and fintechs with complementary strengths and setting up new joint ventures which are disruptive. These synergies give us a competitive advantage and have the potential to provide exponential opportunities for us and our clients.

We are building momentum. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, we announced a new joint venture with Assembly Payments to deliver next generation payment solutions, unveiled the brand of our new virtual bank in Hong Kong, Mox, and most recently, launched nexus, our potentially transformational Banking as a Service solution, with the signing our first partner – a major e-commerce player in Indonesia.

While we have a strong tradition of banking and risk management there is much we can learn from other fields. Going forward, partnerships such as these will continue to play a critical role in executing on our strategy to accelerate growth and truly drive digital transformation.

Click on the image below to see the full infographic of our strategic partnerships we’ve announced in the last 30 months.

Reinventing banking through partnerships