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Head of Equity Investment Strategy

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Based in Singapore, Clive focuses on equity markets, drawing on 20 years’ experience in the equity strategy field. He joined Standard Chartered in 2011, having previously worked for BNP Paribas and Société Générale in Asia, and Standard and Poor’s in London. Clive graduated from the National University of Ireland, Galway with an honours degree in Economics and English, and completed a postgraduate management program at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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Why Asia’s tech industry is a magnet for investors

As infrastructure improves in Asia, a wave of investment should propel the tech sector to new heights

Grow your wealth | 22 May 2018

Say goodbye to the ‘Goldilocks’ investment landscape

Low inflation and falling market volatility helped create a ‘just right’ investment scenario in 2017, but that couldn’t last forever

Grow your wealth | 23 Apr 2018

Seizing China’s ‘new economy’ opportunity

China is investing in its future – and it has never been easier for investors to get involved

Grow your wealth | 23 Jan 2018

Asia’s market rally set to continue

Asian equities have had a strong start to the year, with China and South Korea leading the way

Grow your wealth | 10 Aug 2017

China equities: the bull market is back

China equities are an attractive prospect again thanks to increasing economic stability

Grow your wealth | 6 Apr 2017

Time for equity investors to accept lower returns?

Market fluctuations will continue, making less risky investment strategies more compelling

Grow your wealth | 1 Dec 2016

Investing: getting ahead of the uncertainty

Multi-income strategies should help investors steer through uncharted waters

Grow your wealth | 15 Sep 2016

Equity investing: staying ahead of the game

Tips on protecting and growing investments amidst volatile markets

Grow your wealth | 9 Mar 2016

Chinese stocks – where to look

Chinese share prices have risen sharply in the last year – but three sectors still offer good opportunities for investment

Grow your wealth | 12 Jun 2015