A Pathway to Success – Jake’s Story

Jake tells us about his career in banking and what it means to him


How it started 

I first heard about Standard Chartered from one of our early careers managers, who emphasised that the bank was looking for applicants from diverse areas of study. As a Criminology and Social Policy student with a professional and international rugby background, I could appreciate the celebration of different skills.

Standard Chartered’s brand values – being ‘here for good’ – also attracted me. It seemed like an opportunity to aid compliance and financial crime controls in emerging markets.  

I applied for the programme out of university. Since then, my experiences have set me up for an exciting career in banking. 

Adapting my skills for banking 

I studied criminology and social policy at university. My role at Standard Chartered involves protecting the bank from compliance and financial crime risks, including working with businesses to ensure safe practices are adhered to. 

I enjoy being exposed to all areas of the business and being faced with diverse challenges every day. There are many types of projects to get involved with and various teams and departments to understand. From a personal perspective, contributing to the bank’s ‘here for good’ ideal makes my role at Standard Chartered meaningful and rewarding. 

Continuous learning 

The most valuable skill I’ve picked up is the ability to identify financial crime and compliance risks and figure out how to fix specific problems. It lets me blend my criminology and social policy background with banking and has opened my mind to many new ideas. 

I’m have also significantly improved in project management and understanding business operations since beginning the International Graduate Programme. 

Being part of the International Graduate Programme has meant meeting lots of senior team members. They encourage and support graduates in making positive changes to the way we work, so new-starters can thrive and develop from the start. 

The programme has provided me with a clear pathway for progression and success. It has a strong reputation throughout the bank; graduates are highly regarded by colleagues at all levels, making it easy to get involved straight away. 

What’s next for me?  

I’m confident that my future career is with Standard Chartered. The new experiences and skills I gathered through the International Graduate Programme have helped me prepare for future roles. I’m proud to be part of a team that values honest, friendly, and hardworking individuals from all walks of life. 

Interested in joining us?

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