Abigail’s Story as an Intern at Standard Chartered

Abigail tells us what it's like being an Intern at Standard Chartered


I came across the opportunity at Standard Chartered, as on campus I volunteered in various organisations (including government offices) and then later on, I had the opportunity to intern at Deloitte and then took the opportunity to go to Standard Chartered. I love the unique diversity Standard Chartered has to offer and the endless opportunities to develop my career here.

My experience has been great so far, one of the most memorable moments for me was working in a project team with interns from across the continent and region. It was such an eye opening and memorable experience.

I feel I have really developed in learning to work with a variety of people with varying personalities and mindsets, which has enabled me to be more understanding and thoughtful in my interactions. The continuous learning opportunities available at Standard Chartered have been amazing and for me every day in the bank is a learning day.

My role as an international graduate allows me to work with various teams and in various projects taking place within the bank. This helps me not only have a wholesome knowledge of the bank but also build a strong network locally and internationally.

What advice/hints and tips, would you give to someone looking to work at Standard Chartered?

Be open minded, ready to learn and network, network, network!

How should someone prepare for an interview with Standard Chartered?

Do your research about the bank and more specifically into the role you are applying for. Dress smart during the interview whether it’s a virtual or physical one and make sure you jin the meeting in good time. Engage with your interviewers, let the interview be a discussion.