Aiming High – Mohamad’s Story

My job at Standard Chartered


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved watching finance drama movies like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and The Big Short. My career in banking started because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and it’s turned out to be very exciting!

I currently work as a Transaction Banking (TB) Branch Sales Manager, a role within the Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking (CCIB) team in Singapore. I ensure the balance of growth and risk are well-managed in terms of pricing, size, client and product mixes. I love my job because I’m at the forefront of key decisions and I get to see the impact they have. It’s very rewarding.

I think that Standard Chartered has helped to redefine banking. If I could describe the bank in three words, it would be impactful, green and approachable. It’s constantly trying to change the way we work for the better, which I think is very encouraging.

My milestones

One of the major milestones in my life was moving to Singapore to pursue my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, with a specialisation in digital business.

I knew I needed this change to help my career become more business and digital-oriented, especially given how fast the world economy is moving. And where better to do so than in one of the world's major financial hubs? This was the stepping stone into my banking career and was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Moving from Treasury to Transaction Banking was a major catalyst in my career. The exposure I got after joining this incredible team is like no other. Also, the people that work in TB are truly talented and are among the top leaders in this industry. One of my favourite memories was participating in the Generational Diversity and Inclusion panel. It was incredibly eye-opening to understand how different generations operate under the same roof.

Working in different markets

I’m a Millennial (or Gen Y) and I’ve worked in banking in several different markets. The early years of my career were spent mainly in the Middle East, where I was based in Beirut, Lebanon (my home country). I think the work-life balance is brilliant in that part of the world, and as a millennial, this was very important to me.

My career started in banking and continues to be in banking. However, I am always intrigued by the different facets within the industry, such as tech, product and risk. So far, I’ve been lucky to have been exposed to all of these specialisations.

Making time for myself

Just like we make time for work meetings, I always specify time for myself, whether it’s to do actual work or to spend a couple of hours in the gym. Sticking to these rules helps me organise my thoughts and makes me more productive.

I also enjoy spending time with my rescue greyhound, Atlas. He’s completely changed my life ever since my wife and I flew him from the rescue shelter in Australia to Singapore, his new home.

If I could give any advice to someone starting out in their career, it would be to stay focused and always remember the bigger picture. Aim high, and you’ll get wherever you want to be.