Anna Heng – My career journey so far with Standard Chartered

Anna shares what it's like working for Standard Chartered in Malaysia in Consumer, Private and Business Banking. 


I completed my degree in Human Psychology as I enjoying talking to people and learning about their lives and backgrounds. I started looking for a job in related fields such as counselling, psychology clinics or child care centres, etc. At the same time, by chance, I was referred for a role by a friend’s sister who was working in a regional bank and thought I’d give banking a go as it still included talking to people.  

That was how I got my first role as a Service Ambassador, which meant I stood by the ticketing machine greeting customers from 9am-5pm. It was a tough first two weeks! 

I progressed next as a Personal Financial Consultant, and then to a Relationship Manager role, after which I left the employer, I was with for Standard Chartered. Slowly I progressed from managing priority client profiles to priority private profiles, the role in which I do now – in total I have been working in banking for 14 years. 

The brand name of Standard Chartered and the global exposure was the pull factor that made me decide to move to here as I knew I’d gain more exposure and enhance my career. 


 What do you love most about your role?  

 I love the networking and connections that I get to build with my clients and colleagues and of course, the satisfaction I feel from seeing happy clients of mine.   

Are there any quotes you live by?  

Nothing is impossible, always have faith and I do your best to achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

How have you built flexibility into your every day?  

I typically plan my schedule and appointments ahead of time so I can be more productive and achieve what I’d aimed for. I also review my clients' profiles, look at market updates, currency and stock movements generally and I talk to clients to get the most information I can upfront so I am as prepared as possible.  

My time outside of work is all about family, food and drink. I spend most of my time with my family and I like to cook, drink wine and eat french-fries!  

And finally what career advice would you give to your younger self? 

Be patient, learn and experience as much as you can and do not give up easily.