Building my network: Ulric’s story

Ulric recently took on a short term assignment to expand his network and knowledge


Last year I read about a short-term assignment for a Legal Counsel role based in London to support the Brexit programme in Europe. I’m actually based in Singapore but couldn’t resist this opportunity to work on a once-in-a-lifetime project. I applied, went through the interview process and won the position.  With the help of the mobility team, I set about moving to London for four months.

All in all it was a fascinating journey. Not only did I get to experience living in London, a vibrant and exciting city, but because of the nature of the Brexit Programme, I had to learn fast about all the legal matters that affect every area of the organisation. This secondment also gave me the opportunity to build up my network of colleagues and a platform of exposure to different senior managers. I would have jumped at the chance to stay in London even longer if it wasn’t for my wife having our first child, but I know it’s always a possibility in the future.

I really appreciate how Standard Chartered is so focused on Asia with its long-term growth strategy across the region. Not only is it reassuring for my career stability, but it’s exciting to be part of something that can have such a big impact across our footprint. I also believe that my personality is a good fit for the bank’s culture. It’s fast paced and dynamic and yet professional and friendly at the same time. One thing that I particularly enjoy within the Legal team is the autonomy and freedom I’m given to make decisions and get things done. You’re given opportunities to grow, move across different departments and functions and find projects that you’re able to get stuck into. I’m looking forward to the new, exciting challenges the bank will offer.

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