Callie – 14 years and 5 job roles with Standard Chartered: How I got to where I am now

Callie Lim joined the Bank in 2008 as a Relationship Service Manager in Malaysia and has moved through a number of job roles throughout her 14 year career here.


By striving to be compliant, be fair, be a team player and never give up, Callie has gone from strength to strength in her career and has recently been promoted to Relationship Manager in 2021.


I found my first role at the Bank through pure coincidence! I walked into a Standard Chartered Bank branch for a debit card application and casually asked the Branch Manager if there were any vacant positions. She referred me to the Johor Bahru branch where they were hiring for a Relationship Service Manager role, so I applied and got the job!


I made the move to a different branch with the Bank – Taman Molek. This was an exciting new opportunity for me to broaden my social circle, learn new things and take the next step in my career. Some great career advice I received was that you don’t have to move to competitors to learn and widen your social circle – we can have those same opportunities within the Bank, as our work environment is constantly evolving.


I moved to a Cash Relationship Manager position in June 2018. This was a challenging move for me as I progressed from a non-sales role to a sales role, but the team at Standard Chartered made the transition as smooth as possible for me. I really value my great relationships with my colleagues – it is definitely the most memorable part of working with the Bank.


I was promoted to Junior Relationship Manager in 2019. Throughout all my years working at the Bank, I strive to live by Standard Chartered’s values – doing the right thing, better together and never settle. I implement this in my day-to-day work by remembering to always be compliant, be fair, be a team player and most importantly, never give up.


My most recent promotion was to Relationship Manager in 2021. In three words, the job is happy, contentful and at times, stressful, but my fantastic colleagues and harmonious branch environment make it worthwhile. If I had any advice it would be to be open to learning from scratch in a fast-paced environment and always be true to yourself.

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