Daniel MacEwen – Leveraging the strengths of my team to support sustainable growth at Standard Chartered

Empowered by Standard Chartered’s values of being better together and a force for good, Daniel MacEwen makes a difference to global auditing processes through mitigating risks.


With fifteen years of industry experience, Daniel MacEwen joined the Standard Chartered internal audit function as an Audit Manager. He has since progressed to Executive Director and is involved in operations across all aspects of the Bank.

How did you start your career in auditing?

I embarked on my career in the banking industry in 2005 while I was at college studying business, management, and finance. I quickly progressed from my entry level position to Senior Staff Auditor, and it was during this time that I knew my future was destined to be in the audit industry. I spent the next eight years advancing my career through a variety of leadership roles before joining Standard Chartered as an Audit Manager.

Why did you choose to work at Standard Chartered?

I was seeking a role within a company that accommodated working parents in their need for flexible working hours. I wanted to work for a company that would challenge me professionally while giving me the opportunity to grow and learn. A friend of mine, who worked for the Bank, referred me to a job opening within the audit team at Standard Chartered and they assured me that this was the company that I was looking for. My time at Standard Chartered has lived up to my friend's claims and beyond.

What responsibilities have you held since joining the audit team at Standard Chartered?

My role within the audit team has evolved during my time at Standard Chartered. As an Audit Manager, I was responsible for the day-to-day audit operations. My role allowed me to interact with my colleagues within multiple teams and levels at the Bank. Since progressing to Executive Director and Head of Audit in 2022 for our Corporate & Institutional Banking business and Functions teams in Americas, I am now responsible for identifying risks that have the potential to harm the business or my colleagues across every aspect of the Bank.

What have you enjoyed the most about your role?

My most memorable experience during my time at Standard Chartered has been flying across the world to conduct training programmes that improved national risk assessment processes. Standard Chartered is truly a global and diverse Bank that is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for employees to travel within their roles. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed working with my colleagues from a multitude of geographies, backgrounds, and cultures. My contributions to the Bank empower me and I take great pride in what I have accomplished so far.

What is it like working at Standard Chartered?

Within every Standard Chartered office, there is a real sense of family between colleagues. We are committed to supporting one another and collaborating as a team. Within the audit team we leverage the skills of each member to drive positive change and improve the efficiency of our audits. Through our work we embody Standard Chartered’s values of being better together, always doing the right thing and never settle. Our contributions are valued by the outcomes of our work and the deliverables. This is differential to the wider financial industry as we are not assessed by our ability to show up and be seen.

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