Darsini Saravanan – Shaping tomorrow, today

Darsini, Analyst, Information & Cyber Security, finds certain opportunity in uncertain times


Like many fresh graduates stumbling into the job market during the pandemic, I experienced a lot of uncertainty about my life after graduation with job prospects impacted by COVID-19. With my degree in Business & Management and a personal interest in human resources, I was seeking to be part of an organisation that is more than just a “corporate business”. I took the leap of faith and joined Standard Chartered through the SGUnited Traineeships Programme (SGUT), an initiative run by the government in Singapore. I was eager for industry exposure and my first real steps into the working world.

What drew me to the Bank was Standard Chartered’s focus on diversity and inclusion, especially with its commitment to increase female representation in senior leadership roles. The pledge for gender parity and female empowerment in the workplace resonated deeply with me—which was exactly what I experienced with my time in the Bank.

I was part of the Global Outreach team that focused on talent attraction and retention in the information & cyber security and data-related domains. Through these Global Outreach initiatives, I got to help shape and put diversity and inclusion at the forefront. In my very first project, I partnered with like-minded individuals and organisations to lift participation for women in the workplace from underserved communities by providing work experience opportunities. It was truly fulfilling to see the project come to fruition, especially when these individuals eventually landed a full-time role with the Bank after. 

During my six-month traineeship, I also worked with skilled and knowledgeable colleagues across the Bank’s footprint. Learning to work with people from different cultures and mindsets allowed me to broaden my perspectives and embrace the benefits of being part of such a diverse team, such as the ability to consider varied viewpoints and collaborate to deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. This pushed me out of my comfort zone and I believe that I have become a more confident individual both personally and professionally. Having an inspiring leader who empowers me and being surrounded by a team that supports me makes working here such a pleasure. 

I am fortunate to be part of the Bank as a full-time employee now and am embarking on my next adventure as part of the one-year Graduate Programme where I get to rotate and work across different cyber security-related functions. My career with Standard Chartered is only beginning and I’m so excited for where it will take me. 

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