Developing myself and others: Kabulo’s story

Kabulo can work on her own personal and career development, as well as the development of girls within our Girls Empowerment Programme, GOAL in Zambia.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a sporty person. So the idea that I’d be involved in GOAL, our girls empowerment programme through sports, would seem unlikely at first! Luckily the programme’s success doesn’t rely on my running skills, but it does need my energy, commitment and passion – and I have plenty of that. I initially got involved in Goal, as country co-ordinator, in 2015 and as such, because we couldn’t do a lot of physical activities together over the past year, delivery was through online mentorship sessions.

However, in September and October 2021, when COVID 19 cases had reduced significantly, we leveraged on this and facilitated computer literacy and financial education sessions with the girls at the Bank.  On 5 November 2021, with the support of NOWSPAR, our National Government Official  partner, I participated in a Traditional Goal event at OlympAfrica, Lusaka, Zambia. This was an outdoor event in which a total of 83 girls were equipped with the relevant skills under the GOAL programme.



I changed jobs in September 2018 from being a Credit Risk Approver to a Business Risk Manager for the Client Coverage business in Zambia. In July 2020, my role was expanded to include 4 other markets within Southern Africa. The expanded role can be demanding at times, but I believe that I’m able to accomplish my assigned responsibilities without compromising on the quality of the work.  I believe I also have the right skills and tools to do the job well.

It still gives me immense satisfaction to know that I can make a small difference to the lives of these girls. The excitement in the girls’ eyes after these sessions is something you cannot replace. As for my 'day job' as I call it, I look forward to exploring other roles that may become available internally. I’m so pleased that not only do I get the opportunity to work on my own development, but on the development of those girls too.