Eight years of achievement as a Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered, Malaysia- Lim Su-Mei’s story:


The eight years that I have spent with Standard Chartered has been a wonderful journey full of career progression, new skills, new friends and exciting experiences. Despite the many twists and turns that my team and I have encountered, I have cherished every moment. I am truly proud of what I have been able to achieve and to be a part of an organisation that has given me unwavering support throughout my journey.

How has Standard Chartered supported your professional development?

My journey with Standard Chartered has been truly momentous. I consider myself to be a very ambitious person and the Bank has given me their unwavering support to help me to achieve my professional goals. I was hired by Standard Chartered, Malaysia in 2014 as a Senior Personal Financial Consultant and I have since received three promotions. In 2015, I began my new role as a Junior Relationship Manager within the Bank’s Priority Banking function and was then promoted to Senior Relationship Manager in the same year. I spent five years in this role before being promoted to Director of Priority Private Banking in 2020. Achieving my current role was incredibly fulfilling as it was one of my long-held career aspirations and I am truly thankful to the senior leadership team at the Bank for providing me with countless opportunities to learn, develop my skills and progress.

What have you learned through the challenges that you have faced in your role?

Having spent over eight years within the Relationship Management department, I have worked closely with our clients throughout their investment journeys. Despite my team and I working diligently to mitigate potential market risks, unfortunately, the volatile nature of global financial markets means that some of our clients may encounter losses on their investments. Supporting our clients throughout the fluctuations of their portfolios can be exceedingly challenging, especially when they have suffered losses. I take pride in the level of trust our clients bestow in my team, which is why I allocate a considerable amount of time to supporting them through their loss as well as drawing upon my experience to implement a strategy to strengthen their portfolio. The extra effort and time spent to retain our clients truly pays off and shows them how much we care about their asset allocation with us. This in turn enables me to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with them.

What has been your most memorable experience with Standard Chartered?

Having achieved so much since joining the Bank, I have had countless memorable experiences. I have particularly enjoyed going on the yearly incentive trips with my colleagues. My team and I are like one big family and it’s fantastic to celebrate our achievements together. Standard Chartered plans these yearly trips to show their appreciation for our hard work and it is truly special to be a part of an organisation that goes to such great lengths to reward its employees.

Awards Received


Top Winner of The CEO Challenge Q1


Achieved the Top ASIA Achiever Council awards, Top Senior Relationship Manager Award, Top Priority Qualified Acquisition award and Achiever of Banca Pinnacle


Achieved the Runner Up Senior Relationship Manager and Runner Up Banca Priority Banking


Received the Top ASEAN and South Asia Relationship Manager Award and 3rd Top Priority Banking Relationship Manager Revenue Generator Award. Achiever of Banca Recognition Programme


Awardee for the incentive trips to San Francisco and Singapore. Received the Top ASEAN and South Asia Relationship Manager Award


Awardee for the incentive trips to Switzerland, London and Singapore. Received the Top ASEAN and South Asia Relationship Manager Award


Awardee for the incentive trips to New Zealand, and San Francisco


Awardee for the incentive trips to Bali, Taiwan and London