Emilie Parks – From ice cream parlor to banking

Emilie tells us how she got into her career in banking


My first ‘proper’ job was working at an ice cream parlor at the back of a toy shop in my hometown. I was drawn into banking by the dynamic, ever-changing environment. I love the fast-paced element of banking and the ability to constantly learn about new industries and the developing trends within them. 

Standard Chartered’s high activity in niche groups drew me in the most. Their great presence in emerging markets was particularly interesting because I think it is a growing space with so much potential and so much to learn. I also love the ability to work with people all around the world.  

I really enjoy working with people who have so much experience, background, and passion for what they do. As an intern this gives me access to so many colleagues who I admire and know I will get the best advice from them.  

How should someone prepare for an interview with Standard Chartered? 

Look into what the bank stands for and find where those goals and attributes match your own. The bank focuses on a lot of interesting things, such as its global footprint, or stress on sustainability in the corporate world. If you are passionate about any of these areas, talk about them and that passion will show in a Standard Chartered interview.  

You should also never try to change your natural personality traits to fit with the stereotypical characteristics of a successful person. Instead, learn how to leverage your own strengths to become the best possible version of yourself.  

I like to try to spend as much of my time outside work either moving around, with friends, or experiencing new things. Because work is so sedentary, I like to use any flexibility in my schedule to either take a walk or get some exercise. After work, I spend time with the people in my life I cherish the most. Since my peers have similar work schedules, it is easy to get together and explore the many spots NYC has to offer. I try to change things up and hit as many different activities as I can – whether this is a new food spot, a new museum, or even just a new NYC park I have not visited.  

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