From Officer to Manager: Vajresh’s Journey with Standard Chartered’s Technology Team


Vajresh initially joined Standard Chartered as he wanted to work with an organisation that was expanding into new markets and appreciated the importance of integrating technology into daily operations. With a Master's degree in Business Administration, Vajresh embarked on his journey with Standard Chartered in 2016 as an Officer and now, seven years later, Vajresh manages the Technology team.


What inspired you to join Standard Chartered’s Technology Team?

When I joined the team, it was known as Scope International and was expanding into new markets while undergoing a transformation and rebranding. I was excited, observing organisation influence towards using technology in operations to achieve both organisational and personal goals along with potential learning opportunities that come with technological advancements into operations.

Can you share some details about the projects you've worked on?

I have worked on numerous projects during my time at Standard Chartered, including Sapphire, Brexit, Aspire, Razor onboarding, and improving the recon platform for better automated controls. I am very proud of what I have contributed to these projects and I am looking forward to what my team and I will have the opportunity to work on in the future!

What is your proudest achievement since joining Standard Chartered?

My proudest achievement is being part of amalgamation of technology into operations at the Bank. This includes upskilling myself for new roles, receiving multiple individual awards, and travelling to Singapore for a migration go-live event.

What do you love most about your job?

I appreciate the company culture, the focus on work-life balance, and the leadership's goal-oriented approach. I also truly love being a part of my team, the culture is exciting, collaborative and agile. We work together to accomplish our goals and are more than happy to support each other wherever necessary.

What might surprise people about working at Standard Chartered?

People might be surprised by the respect and gratitude that is present in our work environment and our relationships with one another. Standard Chartered’s values of doing the right thing, being better together and never settle are apparent in everything we do.

What would you say to someone thinking about making the move from a technology organisation to Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered is an exciting and fast-moving company that offers plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. It's a great place to contribute to the industry and be part of a team that values collaboration and goal-oriented leadership. Standard Chartered has a culture of respect and gratitude, and it's a fantastic place to work if you're looking to challenge yourself and take your career to the next level.

Interested in joining us?

If you're looking for a career with purpose and want to work for a bank making a difference, we'd love to hear from you.