From technology to operations: Cheryl Gan’s return to Standard Chartered

Driven by her ability to adapt to changing environments and her passion for emerging technologies, Cheryl Gan makes her mark at Standard Chartered by evolving internal processes and mentoring rising talent


Upon her return to the Bank, Cheryl Gan draws on her experience and industry expertise in her role as the Head of Audit and Transaction Banking/Client Coverage Operations and Financial Crime Surveillance Operations.

What motivated you to join the internal audit team at Standard Chartered?

Change and innovation are in my DNA – always challenging myself and thinking differently are intrinsic parts of my character. I wanted a career that allowed me to indulge my passion for agile technology within my role. The ever-changing nature of banking aligned perfectly with my personality and skillsets. I chose to embark on a career with Standard Chartered following my research into the Bank’s values and its approach to employee development and progression.

What are the responsibilities of your role as the Head of Audit and Transaction Banking / Client Coverage Operations and Financial Crime Surveillance Operations.

My role within the Internal Audit function is multifaceted. I contribute to a range of internal projects and operations. Most notably, I was involved in the design and roll out of a new group-wide Dynamic Auditing process. I am proud of my contributions to the project and what my team was able to achieve. A continuous aspect of my role is enhancing internal auditing methodology, in line with changing global markets and technological advancements. As I have progressed within the Bank, I have been given the opportunity to expand my leadership skills by hosting coaching sessions, implementing training schemes, and participating in mentorship programmes.

What do you enjoy the most about working for Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered provides a platform for individuals to build an international career within the banking industry. There is always an opportunity to try new things as well as expanding your knowledge and skill sets. Aside from the support provided to progress your career, I particularly love the charitable culture upheld by Standard Chartered. I have enjoyed volunteering alongside my colleagues in several of the Bank’s community programmes. They have allowed me to give back to my local community and help those who haven’t been as fortunate as myself.

There is never a boring day working at Standard Chartered, every day poses new challenges and the working culture motivates me to always try my best. The Bank acknowledges and rewards employee accomplishments and recognises that their biggest asset is their people. There are so many opportunities to learn, grow and develop - it is phenomenal. Come and experience it for yourself!

What was your first role at Standard Chartered, prior to your return in 2020?

In 2007, I began my first role at Standard Chartered as Technology Application Auditor. I specialised in Corporate, Commercial, and Institutional Banking (CCIB) as well as group functions. During my time within the technical audit team, I acquired indispensable knowledge of control processes and the risks associated with the industry. The skills I developed within this role laid the foundations for my future within the audit industry and helped to catapult my career to new heights.

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