Glowing beyond boundaries: Christina’s journey at Standard Chartered


Entering the first step to my banking career

My journey with Standard Chartered began in 2016 after I graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Intrigued by the dynamic nature of the banking industry, I embarked on my career as a Retail Banking Graduate beginning a new chapter in my life.

Support from mentors

During the Graduate program, I had the privilege of being mentored by an experienced banker who compared the bank's structure to that of the human body, instilling in me a deeper appreciation for the bank's vibrancy. Empowered by my mentor, I actively participated in advocating for women in the bank, hosting events, and organising various activities for the bank. The encouragement and support from mentors and role models motivated me to excel and go beyond.

Never settle

After completing the Graduate program, I embraced new challenges in engaging in pioneering projects that shaped my confidence and determination. The bank's flexible and diverse culture encouraged internal movement, and I took the opportunity to explore roles in different departments, ultimately transitioning from the Business team to Credit Risk. This shift taught me the importance of challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone to continue growing both professionally and personally.

Going, Growing, Glowing, and Beyond

My journey continued with enriching experiences, such as participating in courses on sustainability and sustainable finance and joining the LeadHK program. Working on projects like Project Keystone further broadened my knowledge and exposures within the organisation. Beyond work, I pursued my passion for music, honing my skills as a singer-songwriter and music producer.

Reflecting on my personal growth and career journey, I am grateful for the opportunities that Standard Chartered has provided me. It taught me to be grateful, positive, and bold in facing challenges. Embracing change, seizing opportunities, and being true to myself have been the key to my growth and success. With Standard Chartered’s continuous support, I am going beyond boundaries, both in my career and personal pursuits.

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