Hanh’s story: My 12 year journey


Never Settle: Throughout my 12 years, I have been very fortunate to be given many career opportunities and have learned a lot from senior leaders and colleagues . My years as a Client Manager helped me build a good understanding about the Bank’s workings before making my next move to develop my credit assessment skill as a Credit Analyst. My transition to a middle-management role was not easy but it helped me develop the resilience I needed to enable me to further my career and prepare me for my current role.

Better Together: During my journey, I have met many wonderful people, but my colleagues in the Credit Analyst team are the real example of how strong collaboration helps people overcome any challenges and feel motivated. We came together as a team during the most difficult time. Most of us were new to our roles, while some members did not have prior credit experience. There was no transition time for us to settle in as we had many deadlines to meet. Even though many members needed to work overtime to meet the tight deadlines, none of them ever hesitated to give extra support to other team members. Some members voluntarily took on the tasks of the others during the peak period. Even though the workload has not gotten any lighter for the past one year, one team member shared that he is still enjoying his job and has rejected many outside opportunities as it’s not easy to find a similar working environment to the Bank

Do the Right Thing: This valued behaviour is the guidance for all actions we take at Standard Chartered . I feel protected to raise my voices and concerns in here. We are trained to follow the policy/procedures and think about the consequences before taking any actions. We are not afraid of challenging any wrongdoing to make a positive impact to the Bank’s culture and serve our clients better.

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