Returning to Shanghai to take advantage of China’s rapid international expansion

At the forefront of the future of finance in China’s growth engine - Nathan’s story.


Nathan joined Standard Chartered’s as an International Graduate in 2020 after his time as a summer intern in 2019. After studying abroad in the UK to broaden his exposure to international markets, Nathan returned to his home country to take advantage of the opportunities born from China’s strides in FinTech and utilise his experience within Western markets to work with high-profile clients hoping to expand overseas.

Nathan Lin’s profile

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance at Warwick Business School (2020)
  • A summer intern at Standard Chartered in Shanghai (2019)
  • Joined Standard Chartered as a Graduate in Shanghai (2020)
  • Current Associate within Standard Chartered CCIB Belt and Road function

Helping local clients with international aspirations

As a member of the Belt and Road team, I collaborate with relationship managers and product teams to unite our clients with global opportunities. We jointly formulate business development strategies to get the very best results for our clients with international aspirations. China is a market with huge potential and Shanghai is at the centre of its reform. The successful market in China has facilitated expansion across borders for Chinese businesses and they turn to global institutions, such as Standard Chartered, to access capital, investment and guidance. My experience within both the Western and Chinese markets has given me a unique perspective and skillset, which motivated me to return to my home country and grow with the financial market so that I can enjoy the dividends of the progress with the rest of society.

Returning and building an international career in my home country

Standard Chartered is China’s leading international Bank. Despite having a rich and long-standing legacy, Standard Chartered is different from other influential banks in China due to the Bank’s modern approach to working and banking. My experience studying abroad highlighted my desire to build an international career and be a part of the future of finance and I was drawn to Standard Chartered as the Bank’s strategic direction in China aligned with my ambitions and career goals. During my summer internship with the Bank, I was made aware of exceptional opportunities offered by the Graduate Programme to contribute to international projects with a purpose, play a vital role in operations, work with senior management and gain first-hand industry experience. After completing my internship in 2019, I was in awe of the Bank’s global influence and felt confident that the Graduate Programme in China would accelerate my career and help me to achieve my long-term goals.

Making an impact in China

With the expeditious expansion of its financial markets, there is significant potential to develop a unique and individualised career in China. The fast-paced Chinese market attracts pioneers of cutting-edge technologies and leading international businesses. As a trusted global organisation, Standard Chartered is well-positioned to support high-profile clients and businesses, which creates the opportunity for individuals to work with influential leaders and contribute to projects with international exposure. I was drawn back to China to make an impact on the future of finance in my home country and with an extensive geographical footprint, Standard Chartered was the ideal organisation to make my dreams a reality.

Graduates are provided with a high level of responsibility and international exposure

In my role within the Belt and Road function, I am responsible for coordinating Relationship Managers and overseeing the progress of deals within the China Corridor. I work closely with Relationship Managers to ensure that our work aligns with the strategic direction of the Bank. We regularly meet with bankers within the different markets of the China Corridor which has allowed me to build a network of knowledgeable and influential organisations within the industry. I was given the opportunity to gain significant international exposure during the launch of the Bank’s China Corridor team. My team and I worked on the project for its entire duration and successfully established a team of more than 30 mandarin-speaking corridor bankers across 20 markets. During the project, I worked with global stakeholders and benefitted from their wealth of knowledge in various overseas markets. Working on this launch was incredibly rewarding, as I was able to apply the business strategies shared by my mentors and enhance my understanding of the Bank’s long-term plans.