How flexible working has empowered Elizabeth Nyarobbo to take her career to new heights

Standard Chartered’s flexible approach to working ensures that working parents, such as Elizabeth Nyarobbo, do not have to choose between being a parent and their career.


With 14 years of industry experience, Elizabeth leads risk-mitigating operations as the Head of Internal Audit at Standard Chartered Uganda, besides being a mother to her two young children.

How did you start your career in audit?

My journey as an auditor started immediately after my graduation from university in 2008. I studied business, accounting, and finance at university, which provided me with a reliable foundation for my future career within the audit industry. During my time at my first audit firm, I was exposed to a wide range of industries and worked closely with individuals from a variety of professions. In the first year of my career, I identified the key characteristics that I would need to embody to excel in the industry; being open minded, being prepared and being willing to take on new opportunities. These mantras assisted me on my road to success and I have now been an auditor for 14 years, with my latest position being the Head of Internal Audit at Standard Chartered Uganda.

What attracted you to your position at Standard Chartered?

Soon after becoming a mother, I quickly realised that I needed to work for an organisation with a flexible approach to working. Having the ability to balance my work and personal life was important to me, so I began looking for organisations that provide flexibility to working parents. My research eventually led me to apply for a role within the internal audit team at Standard Chartered and after almost seven years, I still haven’t looked back.

How has your career progressed since joining Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered is committed to the professional development of its employees. Since my first day at the Bank, I have taken advantage of available training opportunities as well as the support offered by my managers. Following three years of hard work and dedication to expanding my skillsets, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to take on a senior management role as the Head of Audit for Uganda. My new position has been a life changing experience and for the last four years I have committed myself to becoming an industry and leadership expert.

What do you enjoy the most about working for Standard Chartered?

The unique culture at Standard Chartered creates an environment that nurtures growth and encourages individuals to focus on their personal development. Despite being established in my career, I am continuously striving to improve, and I attribute this to the Bank's emphasis of never settling and being here for good. My career progression exemplifies what can be achieved when a company is dedicated to investing in its employees.

Standard Chartered’s flexible working arrangements have been immeasurably helpful as a working mother to young children. The flexibility provided by the Bank have made it possible to continue progressing my career without sacrificing playing an active role in my children’s lives. In a typical week, I spend three days working from the office and then I spend the remaining two days working at home. Flexible working has enabled me to fulfil my work responsibilities and family commitments without feeling overwhelmed or pulled from all directions.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to work within the audit team at Standard Chartered?

My advice to anyone hoping to begin or continue their audit journey at Standard Chartered is to learn as much as possible about the organisation. Standard Chartered’s values of being here for good, never settling and being better together are integral to the Bank’s success. It is important to identify how you align with these values, both personally and professionally. Conduct adequate research into the industry and speak to as many people within the business as you can. Life at Standard Chartered is fast-paced, dynamic and constantly evolving, so it is imperative that you are ready to learn and grow in line with the industry. The best career advice I have received is to never compromise the quality of your work, regardless of how stretched you are. Keeping your standards high will allow you to flourish in the audit industry, and Standard Chartered will provide you with the opportunities to excel.