Inspired to Learn More ‒ Karris’ Story

Karris talks to us about finding her path at Standard Chartered


I’d always wanted a career that would enable me to learn as much as possible. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, I applied for Standard Chartered’s International Graduate Programme with the hope that I could join an exciting team and make a difference. Due to the impressive structure of Standard Chartered’s International Graduate Programme, I couldn’t wait to get started.   

 Even though I couldn’t meet interviewers in person, the panel interview meant that there could be a seamless virtual conversation, which was incredibly helpful. 

 I was delighted with how easy the whole process was. The Early Careers team was accommodating throughout. After successfully completing an aptitude test, video interview, HR interview and panel interview, I was ready to begin my journey with the bank.  

Becoming a leader: the Greater Bay Area Academy  

I was lucky enough to be involved with the Greater Bay Area (GBA) academy setup. The GBA Academy is an ongoing forum to bring HK and South China front liners together, get engaged with GBA market potentials, and align our readiness to capture opportunities.  

I took the lead in developing the GBA Academy, which meant communicating with potential speakers. I targeted audiences, preparing broadcasts and creating blog posts. With my experience in organising significant events, I felt I could take ownership of a project that required exceptional attention to detail. However, I didn’t quite realise how much I was going to learn along the way. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, from brainstorming through to seeing the final event take place. The support and positive feedback from the audience gave me a great sense of satisfaction.I was given complete freedom to organise an event for hundreds of colleagues, which gave me a real confidence boost.  

The project involved various parties from Hong Kong and China, and senior management was invited to deliver opening speeches. I learnt how to manage different stakeholders’ expectations to satisfy their anticipation and ensure the event ran smoothly.  

The sky’s the limit: working at Standard Chartered  

The working culture is engaging, collaborative, and supportive. The employees here never fail to show collective effort and commitment to offer the very best for their clients. We’re given the freedom and ownership to drive initiatives. People are more than happy to provide advice and guidance but never hold back the innovative ideas of others.  

My career highlights so far 

My graduate sponsor is the Head of Business Banking for Hong Kong.  She inspires me every time we meet, sharing highlights and challenges from her career to help guide me. She once told me that “in every crisis, there is an opportunity”, and she’s absolutely right. When things don’t seem to be going our way, there’s always a chance to find success.  

A particular highlight for me has been Global Learning Week. It really inspired me and I took the time to join few sessions that have been beneficial for my personal growth. This initiative was a valuable opportunity for colleagues across the globe to take part in the virtual sessions, where our leaders shared experiences that helped shape their learning journey.  

I would like to build up my expertise in banking at Standard Chartered. I wish to encourage others to be genuine and have confidence in the qualities that make them truly unique. When it comes to learning, the sky’s the limit. 


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