Jerry Chang – Internal career moves at Standard Chartered

After joining Standard Chartered as a Teller in 2006, Jerry tells us about his career with the Bank and what “never settle” means to him.


Jerry’s prosperous career at Standard Chartered has spanned two decades and has been filled with countless opportunities to progress. As a true champion of Standard Chartered’s value to never settle, Jerry raises the bar by improving his achievement rates every year and outperforming every Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Taiwan in 2020 and 2021.

You have built a successful career in the 16 years that you have worked at the Bank. Tell us how you have progressed from your first role as a Teller to Standard Chartered Taiwan’s top-performing relationship manager of 2020 and 2021.

I began my first role as a Teller at Standard Chartered in 2006 after completing my military service. My passion for finance initially drew me to the role at the Bank. Working at Standard Chartered has allowed me to explore my interest in finance whilst simultaneously building an exciting and rewarding career. In my first role as a Teller, my manager noticed my ability to maintain strong relationships with our customers and then encouraged me to transfer to a sales role. My manager's support motivated me to take a risk and transfer to relationship management, which eventually proved to be a defining moment in my career. Since I took on this role in 2012, I have dedicated myself to unlocking my true potential and always striving to be better.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced when working at Standard Chartered?

After I was given the opportunity to take on a new role as a relationship manager in 2012, I faced a huge challenge. I transferred to a completely different role and a new branch, so I had a lot to learn and adapt to. Initially, the transition was challenging, but with my own perseverance and support from management, it wasn’t long before I was smashing targets and thriving in my new role.

What makes working at Standard Chartered unique?

Compared to other global banks, Standard Chartered has cultivated a working environment that values the voices of every employee, regardless of their position. By rejecting traditional workplace hierarchies, Standard Chartered is a refreshing and unique place to work where employees of any level can directly communicate with management to share their thoughts and ideas.

What is the best thing about working at Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered is committed to investing in its employees and the best thing about working for the Bank is the countless opportunities to progress internally. Since joining the Bank 16 years ago, I have been given numerous opportunities to take on new roles and develop my skill set. At Standard Chartered there is an open culture that inspires employees to discover their strengths and find a place where they can truly showcase their talents.

During the 16 years that you have spent with the Bank, what has been your most memorable experience?

Before the Covid era, I attended an incentive trip planned for top performers. After my team and I won the honour for our outstanding performance, Standard Chartered kindly sent us on a trip to congratulate us on our achievement. During the trip, my team and I were able to focus on building our relationships outside of work, which helped us to collaborate more effectively on future projects. Our trip was an incredible experience and the memories are very precious to me. The trip truly highlighted my team's collaborative power, potential and dedication to supporting one another.

Milestones at Standard Chartered


Jerry joined Standard Chartered as a Teller.


Transferred to a new role as a Relationship Manager after being put forward by his manager.


Became Standard Chartered Taiwan’s top-performing Relationship Manager for 2020. With an achievement rate of 215%, Jerry outperformed 334 other RM’s.


Jerry continued his winning streak as the champion of 290 Relationship Managers in 2021 with an achievement rate of 250%.


Jerry won the Asia Achiever Council (AAC) award for 2021 in Taiwan.


Jerry won Taiwan’s Q1 CEO Challenge.

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