Joanna Morrison – Life as a recruiter at Standard Chartered

Joanna tells us what it's like being an Early Careers Manager for the UK and Europe


Role and market type of area you recruit?

Early Careers Manager, UK & Europe 

What advice would you give to students looking for a role? 

Be honest with yourself about what you enjoy and what sort of work you feel you'll be happy doing, don’t just got for the job that all your friends are doing or with the highest salary, at the end of the day those things won’t always make you happy. Working in a good company, like Standard Chartered that has a really positive culture in a fulfilling role will.  

How can students prepare for our recruitment process?  

I'd say familiarise yourself with our early careers and company websites, make sure you can articulate what the business you are applying for does, and make sure you demonstrate how your skills and experience would make you suitable for that particular business.  

What might applicants be surprised to know about Standard Chartered?

We’re not that well known in the UK  as we don't have any high street presence here, but we’re actually a huge global banking organisation with over 80,000 employees! We’re a bit of a hidden gem in the UK! Those who do their research and apply to us will be pleasantly surprised i think.  

What do you love most about working here? 

I love that although I am based in the UK I still feel very much part of a global team. The people I work with are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Standard Chartered is an organisation where I feel I can truly grow and develop.